Find out what kind of mom is behind each woman in the zodiac. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

Behind every woman, there is a mother’s heart. Whether one is or not, biologically or not, almost every woman hides a kind of maternal instinct that pushes her to assume a certain way of doing when she is dealing with the little ones, and sometimes even with people of her own age. . It is a way to take control, to take the leadership role and to act in a way that offers the best to the people you choose to take care of. Characteristics that, of course, increase when we have children who depend entirely on us and who we want to take care of in the best possible way.

Behind every mother, however, there is, first of all, a woman. A woman made of necessities, needs, and ways of being different. And this often involves bringing your own way of being into what you do. Thus, a particularly active woman will also be active as a mother while a super romantic will show a distinctly tender side to her little ones. In short, behind each of us, there is a type of mother that we can recognize or not but which in some way defines us. To find out what kind of mother you are, would be, or will be and all based on your zodiac sign (and not only). The stars, in fact, also influence this aspect of life.

What mother are you? Here’s what the stars say about it

Aries – The super active mom
The mother of the astrological sign of Aries is a mother rich in resources and with a great desire to do. When he has to do with the little ones he manages to entertain them in a thousand different ways. And, over time, it tends to make them interested in various types of activities, also filling their life with things to do. His manners are usually punctual and precise and often even authoritarian. Behind her, however, there is a great motivator and, above all, a mother who is eager to introduce her children to the world. Making sure they are prepared for any kind of eventuality. The Aries mother, therefore, knows how to dose sweetness and strength, offering a whole series of stimuli that will help the little ones to grow confident and with a spirit of initiative common to few others. Which will characterize them in turn, making them stronger and more dynamic than ever.

Taurus – The super patient mom
The mother of the astrological sign of Taurus is sweet and loves her role so much that she carries it out without the slightest effort. Very attached to her children, she always tries to do their good and pamper them as best she can. A lover of family and everything that remembers it, she turns out to be one of those mother hens, always ready to protect her children and pave the way for them. At the same time, she is a patient mother, who accepts every way of being as such and who, even in the face of the darkest crises, manages to react with a smile. Mother Toro is always there, whether it’s helping with homework or baking sweets to offer as a snack. She is usually loved by all children and knows how to spread sweetness not only to her own but also to those of others.

Gemini – The super friend mom
The mother of the zodiac sign of Gemini is an always present, cheerful, spontaneous mother and, above all else, a friend of her children. Excellent communicator, she knows how to establish a form of dialogue with them that tends to remain open and that over the years develops more and more. He can talk about anything and play with his children at every stage of growth. He turns out to be an important and precious figure, perfect for chatting as well as for tackling thorny topics. Often confidant also of the friends of their children, it represents a sort of conjunction between their world and that of adults. An aspect that makes it more precious than ever and able to be recognized and loved. Which happens both with her children and with those of the others.

Cancer – The super protective mom
The Cancer zodiac sign mom is super focused on the wellbeing of her kids. And to this end, she reveals herself more and is more than willing to stand by them and protect them from any possible problem. Often apprehensive, she is often in pain for them, and to avoid this she ends up observing them much more than you think. Usually, it is a mother who is always aware of their needs. Proud of them, she is ready to share their successes with others, sometimes even bragging excessively. As for pampering, she is a true champion and giver of attention. And this makes her a mother not only present but also to instill a sense of warmth that today is often difficult to find. For the well-being of her children, the Cancer mother is also willing to stop working or take long breaks. For her, in fact, there is nothing more important than the happiness of his children. Happiness that will always try to get them by taking care of them, even at the cost of making choices for them or guiding them more scrupulously than necessary.

Leo – The super precise mom
The mother of the zodiac sign of Leo cares a lot about her children which she considers a bit like an extension of herself. When it comes to them, she always has excuses and is ready to forgive him anything. At the same time, however, it is as precise as few others and this means that even if it is not always appreciated for this, it will, in any case, try to introduce them into the world with a whole series of rules to follow. Rules that she will be imparting herself and which in her eyes are like a handbook capable of leading to important results. The mother Leone, however, also needs recognition and to live (also through the children) the lights of the stage that she has always needed. For this reason, now and then, it risks pushing them towards things that are not exactly in their ropes as much as in hers. Fortunately, her being precise leads her to realize it and to fix it while there is time. Which still makes her attentive, punctual, and able to talk openly with children. Children with whom he usually has a good relationship.

Virgo – The super perfectionist mom
The mother of the zodiac sign of Virgo is a mother rich in resources, very rational, and able to always understand what is in front of her. When it comes to her children she tends to give them as much as possible. In doing so, however, he often aims for perfection that is not always seen as something positive. However, the Virgo mother is also a person who knows what she is doing, and that for this reason proves more than useful to make her little ones grow better. Of course, sometimes his ways can be heavy and difficult to manage. Nonetheless, it is precisely her being a perfectionist that often helps her children to bring out even the most hidden qualities. A quality of which few mothers can boast and of which that of the Virgin is more than aware.

Libra – The super mom drives
The mother of the zodiac sign of Libra represents a kind of guide for her children. A role that tends to play whether he has the intentions or in an unconscious way. His ways of doing are in fact an example. This happens to the point that even the smallest ones want to obtain his consent. Mom Libra, after all, is always calm and peaceful. She is a woman who is more than organized and aware of whatever she is doing at the moment. Present in the here and now he can always dispense excellent advice, proving to be as wise as reassuring. She is therefore a mother who knows how to impart the rules without ever having to insist and who with her simple presence can set an example, pushing her children (and often also those of other mothers) to emulate her and everything to become like her. That,

Scorpio – The super intuitive mom
The mother of the zodiac sign of Scorpio is a mother who is always attentive to her little ones. Thanks to his instinct he is always able to foresee everything. From fever to a bad moment, up to the possible solution for a problem that has not even been told to her. The Scorpio mother is so capable of reading inside her children that she always surprises them. At the same time, she is seen as a person to rely on in case of need, and this is thanks to her ability to solve even important problems. Always understanding and ready to listen, she represents a point of reference for her children as well as for those of others. And that makes her a super mom in all respects. A mother that the others will also end up admiring, asking for advice on how to act and how to better understand the little ones.

Sagittarius – The super funny mom
The mother of the astrological sign of Sagittarius is, first of all, a mother who knows how to have fun and who wants to spend a pleasant time both when she is alone and in the company. When he is with his children, he tries to make every moment pleasant. And to do so, it can organize games and moments of meeting both with them and with their friends. It is obviously a good point of reference for other mothers as well. Always being able to organize a party (even at the last moment) represents the playful component of every event. In the eyes of her children, she is a playmate to have fun with. And even if at times this aspect makes his authority less strong, the complicity he can establish usually manages to fix things. The mother Sagittarius is in fact both mother and friend. And she always remains a woman who can see her own needs. Which helps her to be a satisfied mom.

Capricorn – The super present mom
Capricorn zodiac sign mom is a super present mom. When it comes to her children, in fact, she is ready to put everything in the background, placing them at the center of her world and taking care of helping them grow and become happy. This way of doing it leads to being super present, which can be both an advantage and a defect. Her way of acting, however, leads her to always bring out the positive side of her way of being. The Capricorn mother is in fact super present and eager to work side by side with her children to allow them to walk into their future. A future that she often imagined and sometimes even organized and therefore easy to manage and carry out.

Aquarius – The super-organized mom
The Aquarius zodiac sign mom has a lot of time to think about things. And that helps her plan a lot and sometimes even too much. As a mother, she is, therefore, more than organized, especially when it comes to the life of her children, whom she cares a lot about. Although independent in nature, when she becomes a mother she manages to put this way of being aside (at least for a while). And it does so by giving itself to the children 100%. Always ready to organize their days, she is concerned with predicting the progress of various situations, thus helping them to solve all sorts of problems. The Aquarius mother is so organized that she is often envied and emulated by other mothers who, on the other hand, often experience moments of confusion. For this reason, she is often surrounded by mothers eager to learn from her.

Pisces – The super imaginative mom
The mother of the astrological sign of Pisces is a person who lives in a world of dreams. A world that he can share with his children. This leads her to constantly help them to increase imagination and creativity. Qualities that she possesses at her will and that make her an excellent teacher. Comprehensive and particularly attached to her children, she is willing to do everything for them. And for this reason, it represents a more than valid point of reference for every phase of their growth. Her sweetness, combined with the ability to dream makes her a special mother and extremely loved by her children. The Pisces mother is in fact always available and at the same time able to make her children walk alone. Which it does while always staying at a safe distance. A way of doing things for which other mothers admire her and which the children themselves perceive as a form of security.


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