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Three Zodiac Signs That Have To Make Changes In Their Relationships In The Next 3 Months.

Their love will be put to the test, say astrologers. The next 3 months will be important for the relationships of these signs.

Several astrological events taking place this summer will have a major impact on the sentimental sector. Three signs will feel these effects more strongly, and their relationships will transform. It is not necessarily a negative thing, because changes can also bring evolution, but some difficulties must be overcome.

Ever since May 15, after Mercury resumes its direct course in the Taurus sign, we begin to notice new patterns in our lives. If you have encountered communication problems until now, it will become much easier to express yourself. Also, relationships will bond more easily.

Mars will transit the sign of Leo between May 20 and July 10, 2024, bringing more attention to us. Leo is always at the center of attention, so get ready for the spotlight. This can also mean attention from men. If you are alone, it’s wonderful! If you are already in a relationship, things could get complicated.

The month of June is dedicated to Gemini and, as long as the sun is in their sign, we will experience duality in our lives. You may be indecisive or even faced with categorical decisions regarding your relationship.

Venus in the sign of Leo, from June 5, comes with extraordinary opportunities in terms of love. You will be authentic and you will let yourself be seen as you are.

At the end of July, on the 23rd, Venus begins its retrograde in the sign of Leo. This transit will bring new people into our lives. Until September, love relationships will be tested, so get ready for a pretty intense summer.

Which zodiac signs will make changes in relationships

These general aspects will be felt by each of us differently. However, three signs will be quite affected by this amalgam of events.


Three busy months ahead for you. You want to do a lot and you feel that you are unable to mobilize. This inner turmoil may be a problem for your relationship, especially if you don’t have time to spend with your partner. You will need to communicate more and involve him in your plans. You might tend to do everything alone, and that will be quite painful for your loved one. In addition, you may be faced with a rather important decision for the future of your relationship. Expect proposals to move to another city or country.

However, if you are single, you have a high chance of falling in love with a special man.


The month of May comes with many difficulties for you, especially in the love sector. It will be difficult to get along with your partner and you won’t be able to express exactly what you want. Honestly speaking, you may not even really know what you want. For you, the changes in your sphere may arise from certain opportunities that you receive on a professional level. It’s your time to shine at work, and that absorbs your energy. If you want your relationship not to suffer, you will have to be more organized. Include a romantic dinner in your schedule, from time to time. In June, things will become easier to manage, with Venus in your sign. This means that the decision you make now regarding your relationship will be long-lasting.

Be very careful at the end of summer, when Venus will have a retrograde transit and make you doubt your feelings.


The next few months will be difficult for you, especially if your relationship is long-distance or you don’t manage to spend much time together. If you or your partner have to go on delegations or are far from each other, many problems and conflicts arise. Many natives of this sign will be faced with the decision to separate or continue together. It is important to remember that, this summer, there is no going back for any decision made.

There are radical changes in your relationship and not all of them are auspicious. Only in autumn will you be able to look at your sentimental life with more clarity.

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