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Find out what prompts the various zodiac signs to end a relationship. The opinion of the stars.

In a couple of relationships, there are many aspects that matter and that push people to stay together and share a life path that can often be made up of ups and downs as well as obstacles to overcome. At the same time, some situations can lead to the end of feelings and, consequently, to the breakup. This aspect is often difficult to ponder because each of us has different needs, nevertheless, some aspects can be influenced by the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen what kind of man the women of the zodiac fall in love with and what each zodiac sign demands from their partner, we will find out what prompts the various signs to decide to end a relationship.

Horoscope: the main reason that pushes every sign to end a relationship

Aries – Monotony
If there is one thing that can push people born under the sign of Aries to end a love story, it is monotony. For them, a relationship is only functional if it is engaging and exciting. Even after the first few times, he regrets discovering new aspects of his partner and experimenting with new ways of being together. People who are habitual or resistant to change soon tire them, pushing themselves to look elsewhere in search of new stimuli. To be with them it is, therefore, necessary to always show interest and know-how to keep the relationship alive even after years.

Taurus – A Big Disappointment
Taurus natives are people who strongly believe in relationships and who try to make the story forever when they bond with someone. However, they always have high expectations of their partner and when they are disillusioned they remain very bad, feeling somehow betrayed. This mentality leads them to re-evaluate everything and to take emotional distances which, sooner or later, lead to the end of the love story. To be with them it is, therefore, important to try not to create illusions and to always live up to their expectations.

Gemini – Lack of understanding
Those born under the sign of Gemini love in a particular way but when they get to do it they can make their partner feel at the center of their world. They demand the same treatment and at the same time, they need to know that they can blindly trust the person they are with. Humor like few people often tend to mood swings and take it for granted that the other person is always willing to support them. If this does not happen, they are so upset that they can decide to end the relationship, as they are no longer able to believe in a future for two. To be with them it is, therefore, necessary to arm yourself with patience and learn to always be there, both for trivial problems and for really important ones.

Cancer – Feeling cast aside
Cancer natives strongly believe in love and expect those with them to always be ready to place them at the center of their world. Not feeling important enough for their partner can be a more than valid reason for them to end a relationship. The sense of loneliness and abandonment would be so great as to strongly disappoint them and make them lose confidence in their partner. To be with them it is, therefore, important to know how to give them a primary role, making them feel loved in every moment of their life.

Leo – Being Judged
Those born under the sign of Leo are extremely self-confident people. For this reason, they do not accept the opinions of others, even when they seem willing to accept them. Touchy, they take it for granted that those who disagree with them are always on the wrong side and this belief leads them to decide to end a relationship rather than find a meeting point. If you want to be with them it is, therefore, important to know how to give your opinion without making them feel cornered or judged. In this way, perhaps, a way for dialogue will be found.

Virgo – Feeling contradicted
Those born under the sign of Virgo are not sure how they want to let people believe, for this reason when someone questions their opinion they tend to take it personally, withdrawing and becoming acrimonious. If the partner does it, they can come to take it as an affront, considering whether or not to continue with the relationship. To be with them it is important to find the correct way to approach them, seeking a balance between sincerity and ways of doing things. Only by taking them in the right way can we hope not to hurt them and to maintain peaceful relationships that are not always on the razor’s edge.

Libra – Making Them Feel Anxious
Libra natives love a peaceful, peaceful life. They always surround themselves with beautiful things and people who can make them feel at ease. A partner who makes them constantly anxious is, therefore, a problem that they would try to solve in the long run by ending the relationship. To be with them it is, therefore, essential to always show yourself ready for confrontation and try to make their life more peaceful and simple and never the other way around. Knowing that you have someone by your side who can make their life more beautiful makes them more relaxed and understanding.

Scorpio – The lack of sincerity
Those born under the sign of Scorpio believe a lot in human relationships from which they demand sincerity first of all. If they discover a lie the sense of disappointment will be such as to make them angry, leading them first of all to take revenge and immediately afterward to reconsider the person they are with. In most cases, even the smallest lie can lead them to decide to end a story and this is because knowing they can no longer trust makes them nervous and anxious. To be with them it is, therefore, necessary to always tell the truth. It is much easier to get their consent by revealing something terrible than by hiding something harmless from them.

Sagittarius – Being too serious
The natives of Sagittarius are playful people who need to have fun in every moment of their life. Having a curmudgeon or unwilling partner next to you is therefore a modality that you just don’t understand. This leads them to get tired quickly and decide to end important relationships as well. If you want to have a love story with them, it is important to include enthusiasm and joy in every moment spent together. Only in this way can we count on their feelings and hope to be able to build a future together. Otherwise, albeit reluctantly, they will choose to close the story to find someone in their opinion more compatible.

Capricorn – The lack of projects
Those born under the sign of Capricorn are people with their heads on their shoulders and with firm plans for their future in mind. This leads them to inevitably want the same things from the person they love. Knowing that they have someone with no ambitions or unwilling to plan the future next to them can lead them to tire quickly and think they are incompatible. After all, being with them means accepting fast rhythms that only someone with ambitions and dreams in the drawer could understand. Those who love them must therefore always be at attention and never fail to think about the future, both individually and as a couple.

Aquarius – The banality
Aquarius natives are eccentric people and always over the top. For this reason, they need to be by the side of someone who is never banal. If there’s one thing that bores them, it’s predictability. They need to know that they can count on someone who can enrich their days and who, while knowing how to respect their constant need for privacy, has at the same time the ability to organize their moments together to make them appreciate the time they choose to spend. outside your comfort zone. Being with them is therefore like a continuous carousel during which the couple and individual balances must be considered, making sure that they always match perfectly.

Pisces – The inability to dream
Those born under the sign of Pisces are often attracted to concrete and rational people as they consider them a good balance to their whimsical nature. However, they cannot get in tune with those who show themselves unable to dream and this is because dreams for them are the very essence of life and what, more than anything else, allows them to feel alive and happy. To be with them and be sure to keep their love alive, it is therefore important to know how to balance rationality and the ability to dream, proving to be both a counterweight and a springboard for their romantic and dreamy personality.

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