This Is What True Love Is (Because It Is More Than Kisses And Sweet Words)

True love is not just sleeping with one man in the same bed.

You can sleep with anyone and yet not feel anything for that person. It is more than just warm kisses and saying that you love someone.

True love is being worried every time your partner has a problem because you feel their pain and want them to feel better again. It is sharing your darkest secrets with someone and giving them all your heart believing that they won’t hurt you.

True love is all about letting go of expectations that your partner will change.

It is about accepting them with all their pros and cons and being okay to live someone who has those characteristics.

It is not wanting to change someone and to mold them into a perfect shape for you but let them do things in their own way. It means giving them a chance do things differently this time and to solve problems alone.

It is all about giving the other person all the freedom to do what they want and what they think is right.

True love is not loving someone because you need them but needing someone because you love them.

It is all about having an open heart and being able to talk openly with your partner.

It is about getting rid of the masks and being totally exposed with your soulmate, so they can get to know the real you, broken, anxious and at times depressed.

It is all about showing your real face and not faking about anything.

True love is not just a feeling, but a constant action to improve things.

It is not showing off with your man on social media sites and claiming that you two have an extraordinary love while in fact, you can’t stand each other.

It is not saying that you love someone every single day but showing that to them. It is a constant worry about them and their feelings.

You know, true love is much more than sweet words.

True love means putting your partner’s happiness before yours not to ‘show’ them that you love them but because you feel that is the right way.

It means taking care of each other and being each other’s best friend. It means spending quality time with someone because you enjoy doing that and not because you are supposed to do it.

True love is giving attention to your partner and being there in their moments of sorrow.

It means giving them support when nobody believes in them and telling them that everything will be okay. It is feeling special when your partner looks at you with that look only the two of you know, saying that he is madly in love with you.

True love is much more than showing emotions in public but showing affection and love when you are in private.

It means understanding each other’s needs and going an extra mile to satisfy your partner.

It means so much more than telling your friends that he or she is ‘the one’ when you actually know deep down that everything is falling apart.

True love is being honest and never letting another person divide you.

True love doesn’t mean letting someone into your bed.

It means not letting anyone else into your heart. And that is what it is all about.

Once you realize this, you will be truly happy because you will know that it takes so little to ruin everything that you were building for years.

True love means loving someone unconditionally and being worried when they are far away from you.

It means being anxious when your partner is on a business trip far away from you and you are worried that they will have some accident.

It means checking up on them everyday to see how their day was and to hear their voice just for a second, so you can get your dose of relaxing.

And in the end, true love is all about feeling good in your own skin when you are with your partner.

It means not crying and not feeling neglected.

True love is having the feeling that you love yourself when you are around your partner and that he is pushing you forward every time you are down and gives you his hand to stand up.

True love is being with a man who will never try to complete you but to accept you completely.

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