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Find out what each zodiac sign demands from their relationship and, in particular, from their partner.

Expectations, as well as fears, are different when you are with someone. We expect to be reciprocated, to be able to touch the sky with a finger for happiness and to see our romantic dreams come true. Beyond the desires, however, each person has something that tends to demand from the partner and which, if not communicated correctly, can lead to creating problems for the couple. Since sentimental expectations are often influenced by the stars, after seeing what is the biggest mistake that each sign makes between the sheets and what one needs in a relationship, today we will find out what each zodiac sign demands from their partner. Since this is a topic that has to do with feelings, it is advisable to also check the profile of the ascendant of the zodiac sign on which you want to investigate.

Horoscope: what each zodiac sign claims from their other half

Aries – Independence
Those born under the sign of Aries are active and lively and always ready to experience new emotions. This way of doing things leads them to need certain freedom of action that they might feel as compromised within a relationship. Many natives of the sign think that a sentimental bond heavily interferes with their independence and for this reason, they tend to be on the defensive, always ready to counterattack in case of attempts of limitations by the partner. The truth is that to feel good in a relationship the only possible choice is compromise and if on the one hand, it is right that Aries also have their independence, on the other they should take into consideration that, once in love, true freedom should be what you feel when you are together with your other half.

Taurus – An unconditional love
The natives of Taurus are romantic people and very close to love. For them, a lasting and happy relationship is the greatest gift you can receive, and when they find the right person they do everything to make them happy, showering them with attention and offering them the best of themselves. On the other hand, they also tend to demand and what they need is an unconditional love that makes them feel the center of attention and that, above all, is strong enough to go straight to their heart. If the partner fails to convey their feelings correctly then problems arise with consequent quarrels and possible colds. The only way to get along with them? Love them, always put them first and constantly let them know how you feel about them.

Gemini – A swing of emotions
Gemini is among the most humoral of the zodiac and this way of being is also reflected in sentimental relationships. When they are with someone they tend to expect them to take care of them and their constantly changing mood. This means that at their side there can only be those who can entertain them and build ever new realities for them to confront. The ability they have to get tired of things is equal to that of a child with the difference that if they get tired they do it in the round, making it first of all with themselves and immediately after with the partner. This can lead to moments of closure in which making contact can be really difficult. Being patient is certainly one of the fundamental requirements to be able to be with the natives of this sign.

Cancer – Constant attention
Those born under the sign of Cancer are people who have a great need for love and who expect this to be constantly shown to them. It is a way of doing that they have both in friendships and, of course, in love. With the partner, however, their level of demands increases, becoming almost a job for those who choose to be next to them. A moment of distraction is enough to send them on tilt, frustrating months and months of constant attention. Being with them means having a great feeling. We might as well learn to express it as clearly as possible to avoid unnecessary quarrels that over time could even lead to a breakup.

Leo – Total devotion
Those born under the sign of Leo, when they live a relationship, demand total devotion from the partner. Needing like few others to be the center of attention, they assume that their other half is always ready to make them feel important and that they support them in everything they say or do. Being contradicted in public, for example, is something they just can’t stand. Being with them means believing in what they stand for and do and constantly pushing them, congratulating them on every little success. At some point, it could be considered a second job and it certainly isn’t something everyone can succeed at. On the other hand, once you have found the right balance, you will have in return special attention that can repay most of the efforts.

Virgo – An extreme understanding of their ways
Virgo natives tend to be pessimistic and this also affects romantic relationships. In love, they seem to expect nothing because they avoid asking, certain that their other half can understand what they need simply by a glance. Generally, the thing they expect most is a total understanding, coupled with the externalization of feelings large enough to fill the doubts that arise constantly. Contradicting them or showing themselves against their positions is for example something that can make them alter for days. From their point of view, they are rarely wrong and whoever dares to say the opposite automatically becomes a sort of enemy from which to defend themselves. To be with them it is, therefore, essential to understand them and understand their ways, offering them in silence what they need.

Libra – Always kind ways
Those born under the sign of Libra need a world that is made to measure and that includes beauty and elegance. When they choose to be with someone it is because they feel that they are in line with their person. Nonetheless, they never stop studying it and wonder if they made the right choice. To convince them it is, therefore, necessary to give them what they need, possibly before they feel obligated to demand it. The needs of the natives of the sign? Always kind ways and many small precautions towards them. Treating them as important characters is a good course of action that will make them satisfied.

Scorpio – A Passionate Love
The natives of Scorpio are undoubtedly passionate and need their partner to experience feelings equally. Flat or routine relationships are not for them and will always tend to bring about changes within the relationship, no matter how it is going. For them, an extra heartbeat is better than a constant but flat serenity and if you are not ready to give them this kind of emotion it is better to put your heart in peace because after demanding them for a while they could get tired and even fall out of love. On the other hand, when faced with someone capable of investing the same amount of energy in the relationship as they put in, they are ready to give themselves 100% by promising a fairytale love.

Sagittarius – The enthusiasm
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are optimistic people and always ready to dive into new adventures. From their partner, they tend to take a great enthusiasm and a great desire to do. For them, life as a couple must be exciting every day and full of surprises without which they end up feeling dull, which can lead them to direct their attention elsewhere. To be with them, it is therefore essential to always show that you are ready to have new experiences and always bring new situations into play. The best gift you can give them? A sudden trip or a gift they have long wanted but considered out of your reach.

Capricorn – The ability to wait
Those born under the sign of Capricorn live by constantly keeping busy. From the partner, they, therefore, expect a lot of patience and an almost infinite ability to follow their times. If they think they have to finish a job there are no commitments or holidays that they hold and they demand that even those around them understand their point of view without pressing them to hurry up or to spend time together. At the same time, they need someone who knows how to make them estranged from too many commitments, giving them away to let their minds relax and feel in balance with themselves again. Being together, therefore, means having to constantly check their mood, understand it and choose how to move from time to time, obviously hoping to guess what is best for them at the moment.

Aquarius – The ability to break their walls
Aquarius natives are very closed people and in need of some privacy. When they live in a relationship, they, therefore, feel halfway between the desire to spend time with those they love and not losing their precious spaces. From the partner, they, therefore, demand understanding and the ability to break patterns that alone they would not be able to change. The problem is being able to understand when it is time to act and when it is preferable to wait, leaving them the space they always tend to create to protect themselves from the world. It is a difficult role to maintain but once learned it can give various satisfactions, allowing you to enter their world and be an integral part of it.

Pisces – A fairytale love
Yes, Pisces in love demands the complete package which, in simpler words, can be translated as a fairytale love. Being with them means being ready to show them your feelings several times a day but without becoming subject to them. The natives of the sign-in fact need strong people to respect and love precisely because of this quality. To the strength, however, must also be joined the sweetness, understanding, and the desire to make them happy in a thousand different ways. Only by constantly wooing them and making them feel your closeness can you be sure of the future of the relationship and of their love which, once you find the right balance, will surely be endless.

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