This Is How You Wait For Love

Maybe you are not ready for love. Maybe love is not ready for you. Maybe it went by without you recognizing it. We are lost souls in this world grasping on to things that show us the tiniest bit of affection. But when love shows its imperfections, we fail to recognize. Love doesn’t do his hair the way he should, love has a weird laughter, love is what you did not understand love could be.

Love is different. Love is two days without calling each other after an hour of silly fighting unlike the high school patch up in a few seconds. Love is knowing that the arms are still there to run into. Love is the unexpected. Love is the challenge that tests you every step you take, every move you make. But love is also there to catch you if you fall.

Maybe love is something you are yet to experience. Twenty years of marriage or twenty-one years of being single, you are still looking out of the window searching for love to come waltzing into your room, dancing to the beats, sweeping you off the floor. Yet after stretches of longings, where is it? The fairy lights still on, the door held open, people flowing through in and out but nothing seems to be quite as loving as love. Maybe the love for you has moved on and found his love.

Maybe love is stuck in traffic light while you were walking by the zebra crossing. Maybe love is lost in between the pages of your favorite book, the missed visits to the dentist, the time when you could not turn back because you were in a rush. Maybe love is coming back for you in a few months or coming to you to hold your hand for your last twelve breaths. Or maybe love is there beside you the entire time but you cannot recognize. But love is love and there is no map to trace it.

There is no guide to identify it. You just feel it. It will shake your foundation, move your world, take away your breath. But until then keep calm. Enjoy the view. Breathe in the air. Don’t be afraid. Jump on opportunities. Take chances. Dance to songs unknown. Get out and be happy. Know every detail of your body, every dent, every sensation. And while this happens, love may just drop by in a strange face to say “hello.” 

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