Trust Me, God Always Has A Plan

You think it’s over. You think you’ve hit a brick wall and you’re done.

But it’s not like that, it never is. God is always there for you, to have your back.

You may not see Him, you may not hear Him, but there are doors he will open for you when you need Him the most.

When you’ve hit rock bottom and you think things can’t get any worse, God will show up. God will save you.

He’ll show you the kind of happiness you never knew existed and all at the time of your greatest sorrow, at the time when you don’t want to go any further because you’ve had enough.

God won’t take something away from you without giving something even better. But we don’t see it right away.

Then we’re angry and we hate everything and everyone. We question His existence and we say we don’t believe anymore.

When something good happens, we realize that was just the real thing we were waiting for. Only then, everything falls back into place.

Everything makes sense. Only then you realize what He was trying to do from the beginning.

God knows you better than anyone. God knows when you are ready to move on to another phase in life.

Maybe you think you’re not, but God knows you are. He always has a plan for you.

He always has a tiny door, hidden for you to pass through to another stage of life, a happier one, a better one. You just don’t see it right away. You’re not supposed to see it.

You’re not invisible to God, trust me. He hears your every prayer, He knows your every thought.

If you think that God is not answering your prayers, you’re wrong. Maybe He is not taking you on the road you want to take but you have to know that God is never wrong.

He knows what’s best for you. He knows how to make you happy. You just have to trust Him to lead you all the way.

If you’re praying for friendship and love but your friends are distancing themselves from you, it doesn’t mean that God is not listening to you—He is.

It’s just that His plan for making you feel better is different. He is trying to pull you away from people who are draining you, people who only pretend they love you.

When you pray for love and your heart gets broken, it means that the man you were with was not the man for you. It means that He thinks you can do so much better.

God is always listening. God is always giving you a solution.

But sometimes you don’t see it, so you think He has abandoned you. But God is always there, He never leaves.

God is always looking over you. When your life seems meaningless, when all your hopes have gone, God is there waiting with a plan to help you, to make you change your life for the better.

God won’t leave you alone. God won’t leave you crying endless tears. God won’t leave you brokenhearted.

God will show you the right way. You probably won’t recognize it at first. You won’t believe in good things happening anymore.

But God will never give up on you. He will keep trying to lead you on the right path until he does. He will be by your side until His plan works.

God wants you to know how unpredictable life can be.

He wants you to feel sad, He wants you to be disappointed in people because He wants to show you that there is both good and bad in this world and no one is protected from the bad.

But God wants to teach you to fight it on your own.

God wants you to live through everything and know every possible feeling, from happiness to sadness. God wants you to know as much as you can.

Because God knows you’ll be ready to face anything.

But He will never leave you. He’ll never allow you to go through life alone, without anyone’s help.

He wants you to know that all things change but never His love for you or any of us.

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