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This is how you react to “Please calm down.” According to your zodiac sign.

This is how you react to “Please calm down.” According to your zodiac sign.

There are people who upset nothing more than the phrase “Please calm down.” No one makes these people more nervous than this phrase because it is something that they cannot do at the moment to calm down. It is like saying to a man full of fat, “Come on now, have something to eat.” It just doesn’t work.

If we consult astrology, you will quickly notice that some people find it really difficult to calm down and everyone can come to rest in their own way. While some have to relax in order to calm down, one has to calm others down with a stun gun. Everyone is different, depending on the zodiac sign and personality type.

Here you can read how each zodiac sign can be calmed.


To calm a ram, you just have to agree to it. Perfectly what he says at the moment, just agree with him. He will calm down when he knows that he is not alone in his opinion.

He needs that to be able to think clearly again. The ram is impulsive and easily catches fire in discussions, so it is advisable to agree with it to calm the situation.


A lot of imagination is required to calm the bull. Sometimes you have to tell him a white lie so that he has something he can believe in again. And sometimes you have to tell him for a long time that everything will be fine again, even if he is knee-deep in trouble. You have to make the bull believe you and buy you, that everything will be fine, otherwise you will not be able to calm him down.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

If you want to reassure a twin, give them rest and it’s best to leave them alone. Once the twin is in a rage, it is advisable not to annoy him with sentences like “Please calm down ..”.

Something like that only makes them more nervous. They want to be alone in moments when they are no longer themselves. The twin needs his freedom to calm down.


To soothe cancer, you have to follow their instructions because they tend to want to set the tone in such situations. They then say that they have control over themselves but also over the situation, which is usually not the case, but they should be believed, because only then will they be able to calm down. If the cancer thinks it has everything under control, it will calm down quickly.


The lion calms down when it wants to calm down, it’s that simple. In other words, it doesn’t want to be pushed or compelled to calm down. Calm him down by telling him how well he is dealing with the whole situation, it will make him gentler and make him believe that he can really handle everything.


If you want to calm a virgin, you have to dig deep into the psychological bag of tricks, because usually the virgin is not stupid and knows immediately what your intentions are.

The best way to reassure a virgin is to have an extensive conversation with her and give her something that she can analyze and thus determine that it is not worth it to be upset. You have to bring the virgin to the solution that the best thing is to calm down and take it easy.


The only way to calm a Libra is to kill it (watch out for sarcasm). So if you don’t put her underground (which is not a recommendation), she’ll probably never calm down.

The Libra is always nervous and deep in thought, and it always goes through all sorts of scenarios and gets excited about each of them. It is pointless to try to calm the scales.


It is relatively easy to calm the scorpion, give it something. Yes, that may seem superficial, but it is basically not. Because the scorpion just wants to be distracted and then it doesn’t matter what gift you give him. Be it a dinner or a perfume, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that the scorpion has other ideas.


If you are dealing with an angry shooter, you should rather go far and leave the room immediately. The shooter is usually an extremely independent person who does not take advice and often takes it as a personal attack.

Nobody can calm these people down. Give them the time and space they need and they will figure out for themselves that it is best to calm down.


Trying to calm an ibex is an undertaking that you will not succeed. He doesn’t calm down. Not for you and not for anyone else. He is someone who does everything himself, so does the job to calm himself down.

He will reject any advice and help. The ibex takes responsibility for itself and leaves no one its emotional stability. He is his own master, as always.


Calming an Aquarius is a full time job that is stressful and tiring. If something excites Aquarius or causes it to glow white, it is continuously fearful and full of self-doubt. He doesn’t even look for reassurance but delves deeper and deeper into the subject that excites him. In the end, all the work is free, because only Aquarius himself knows what can best calm him down.


If you want to reassure someone with the zodiac sign of fish, this is something very demanding and sometimes it can feel very strange for those who want to reassure.

They need attention and therefore the fish tend to get artificially excited just so that someone rushes to calm them down. Calming a fish is a task that can sometimes go on for months.

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