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This Is How The Zodiac Signs React When Someone Important No Longer Answers

Sometimes it can be really frustrating when the guy just stops responding. You ask something and he just doesn’t say anything. He seems to be ignoring you. 

Sure – nobody likes to be disregarded. It’s never a comfortable feeling. The reactions to it can be quite different, however. Every zodiac sign deals with it differently. Some can even get really upset!

Find out how your zodiac sign reacts if they just don’t write back:


You always try hard not to get rejected. Love is an investment for you, and it is bad for you if someone suddenly takes it away. If someone ignores you, you will most likely go through what led to the rejection. Was it something you did? Have you been too intense There’s a good chance you’re getting upset about how much you’ve lost. Sometimes you send messages until you finally get an answer because you have a hard time accepting this, Capricorn.


Aquarius, you may not want to admit it, but you are not very adult when it comes to rejection. If you are rejected or ignored, you get angry. Aquarius is also one of the most impatient signs of the zodiac. Waiting five minutes can be too much. If Aquarius realizes that they are not being answered, then it could happen that they simply block the contact or even delete it from their contact list. 


When someone you love ignores you, you instantly blame yourself for it. You think of a thousand ways why your contact no longer finds you interesting. Ultimately, after being rejected, you are sad and disappointed. It may take some time to heal, but you will become more self-aware of what others think of you and it will help you become more confident.


Aries, when you encounter rejection, you find it difficult to control your emotions. You may feel like you don’t have to worry because you already know what to do. But if the rejection surprises you, it can affect your overall behavior. Most of the time you don’t shy away from discussions. If someone just doesn’t text you back, you just give them a call.


Rejection drives you crazy because it’s usually about comfort and reliability. You feel uncomfortable and your attention is only in your head. When faced with rejection, it means to you that things have to change. You’re not that good at change and the unknown, and rejection only makes it worse. So maybe you wait a few days and hopefully he’ll get in touch. At first you are a little sad, but after a while you forget that he ignored you in the first place.


You check your cell phone every few seconds and hope that he’ll finally get in touch with you. You may find it sucks that he doesn’t answer, but for you, rejection isn’t something that has to be tedious and dramatic. You will try not to feel down for too long after the initial shock. For you, life is about living and having fun, and you see no point in holding onto people who want nothing to do with you.


If he doesn’t answer you anymore, you think something may have happened and you worry. That’s why you ask him if everything is okay with him. However, if you realize that he’s actually fine and he’s just ignoring you, then the tide could turn quickly. Passive aggression can occur when trying to convince the other person that you don’t care. This dramatic side of you can be quite frustrating for yourself.


Most of all, the lion is offended in his pride. If this is your zodiac sign, you will tell your contact that you are mad. When faced with rejection, you get the feeling that you are not good enough. You could try to somehow prove that you are better than that person assumed. And you want her to regret her behavior.


A virgin can freak out because she can get off if you ignore her. Should that person get back to her at any time, she will ignore him as well. Dear Virgo, rejection is a difficult thing for you because you feel like you have to overcome yourself over and over again in order to trust someone. And to let someone tell you that you are not enough? Not possible!


In this case, a Libra would simply wait and then approach carefully again at some point. Rejection is both hard and not a big deal for you, Libra. If someone you like rejects you, it may take you longer to get back on your feet, but the chance is good that you will get back to that person.


If you offend a Scorpio, don’t hope that they will ever forgive you. Dear Scorpio, you hate like the plague to be ignored. In addition, you find it very difficult to deal with it like an adult. You are not someone who is going to pout, but you will unleash your inner dragon. Right after getting rejected, you will likely go crazy and stubborn and make sure your contact knows you won’t go down without a fight


If someone ignores you and doesn’t reply to your messages, you’ll be a little off at first, but after a while you just don’t care. You attach great importance to your independence and therefore hardly make yourself emotionally dependent on other people anyway – especially not on a guy you have just met. Still, it hurts you a little.

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