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Are you also one of the most dependent on others in the whole horoscope? No, don’t deny it: find the top five ranking right here!

Have you ever met someone who had a real big problem with… addiction !
No, wait: we don’t mean by substances but by other people !

Come on, surely you also know that sticky couple of boyfriends who are always together or those people who impose themselves on each other ‘s house without announcing themselves and… ah, you don’t know them? But isn’t it that you are one of the zodiac signs that just can’t live without the others?

The signs most dependent on others: here is today’s horoscope ranking

As soon as we say ” dependent on others ” we are sure that someone immediately comes to mind.
Perhaps it is a couple who are particularly reluctant to split up ( even for a few hours ) or that friend who seems unable to spend an afternoon alone .

Or, if you really don’t think of anyone, the ” employee ” is you !
Today we try to understand which are the zodiac signs that cannot and do not want (above all) to be alone . Whether it is a necessity inherent in their character or simply the result of the astral conjunctions of stars and planets , our ranking will reveal who are the signs least used to being alone .

Don’t you think it’s important to know the results of this ranking ?
Instead, at least in our opinion, it is much better to know in advance what kind of people you surround yourself when you decide to embark on any type of interpersonal relationship .
Imagine being an independent person who never looks at the phone and doesn’t feel the need to talk or see each other every day.

Do you think you could stay with one of these five signs … completely dependent on others?

Pisces: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Pisces can be highly dependent on others, especially when it comes to their romantic partner . Pisces , in fact, are often people who cannot conceive life without love or without a loved one : for this reason, therefore, they particularly ” attach themselves ” to their boyfriends !

To be with someone born under the sign of Pisces it really takes a lot of patience : they will never leave you alone!

Libra: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Libra are also included in our ranking of the most dependent signs  of others throughout the zodiac. Libra , in fact, can not do without the relationship with others , so much so that it becomes (almost) a real ” burden “!

Don’t you want to go out in the evening? Libra will come to your home . Did you want to spend a few hours alone with your partner or partner? If you are friends with a Libra , they will find a way to add themselves to your schedule . They absolutely do not do it out of malice: those born under the sign of Libra are simply people who love conviviality and hate being alone, to the point of not realizing that they have become inappropriate !

Aries: third place

On the podium of our ranking we find all those born under the sign of Aries . Does it seem strange to you? Well, think that Aries has a great desire for conviviality that leads them to always leave the house as soon as they can.

As soon as he finds someone who is able to keep their pace , then, those born under the sign of Aries do not absolutely give up on him! If you are friends with or know an Aries , you already know how difficult it is for him to let you go . For Aries , others are fundamental and without them they would not be able to live: they are too insecure to be alone!

How to ” escape “? Simply by always telling him things as they are : Aries does not appreciate being told the truth in the face and often limits relations with those who do not spare them sincere opinions !

Cancer: second place

Obviously, in second place in our ranking of the signs most dependent on others, we find all those born under the sign of Cancer .
This is a decidedly controversial sign : not only because it is a sign that depends on others but also because he loves that others depend on him !

Cancer, in fact, is a sign that absolutely does not spare itself as regards affection and feelings.
For him it is very important to be first in the priorities of others and, therefore, try to achieve this goal by simply putting others in the first place of him! Therefore, a symbiotic relationship
is often created with Cancer : close and also wonderful but which can become suffocating.

Even worse when a Cancer decides to cut off all relations with you: they know how to be very cold and the situation is reversed in a flash !

Gemini: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs dependent on others

At the top of our ranking we find all those born under the sign of Gemini . This is a sign that he can not really do without others and tends to create truly exasperating situations because of this peculiarity! Gemini , in fact, are people who seem to ” live ” through or thanks to others.

When they fall in love with someone, therefore, the Gemini cannot help but put him at the center of their world , only to then rely completely on him!
Immersed in their reality , always in search of the new adventure , never able to reflect on their actions: those born under the sign of Gemini know how to be a really difficult (and terrible to deal with!) Mixture.

Gemini will always rely on you for any eventuality, often getting you into trouble. Being alone, for them, is too heavy and extremely counterproductive : often they will literally drive you crazy!

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