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Find out what relationship you have with Carnival based on your zodiac sign.

We are now getting closer to the Carnival period, as loved as it is hated by many. Every year the people who choose to celebrate these days between sweets and themed evenings are many. They are opposed, however, by those who do not like this party at all, preferring a quiet evening to spend at home and away from jokes or celebrations that are sometimes too chaotic. If you are still confused about it and want to find out whether or not you are suitable for this period, the stars have the answer for you. After seeing how complicated you are and how smart you can be in life, here‘s how you experience Carnival.

Carnival: this is how you live it according to the stars

Aries – In a positive way
Maybe it’s not your favorite party but when it comes to partying you are always at the forefront and this also applies to Carnival. In these goliardic days, you are the first to get in the way to joke or take part in impromptu parties. The same thing goes for any theme parties where you generally don’t hesitate to choose a nice costume, possibly even s*xy, just to get you noticed a little. Your happiness is so contagious that sometimes it manages to drag even those who do not particularly like this period. One thing that you are aware of and that you often use to your advantage is to involve as many people as possible. After all, the more you are, the more fun you have, right?

Taurus – Neutral
Maybe the chaos part isn’t one of your favorites. Carnival is, however, also a moment in which to savor different sweets and as a greedy one you are, you hardly hold back. Your way of experiencing this party, therefore, is mostly neutral. If with friends you are also willing to let yourself go to some celebration, otherwise you prefer to dedicate yourself to the elaboration of some desserts to share with those you love. The type of party that suits you best and that always makes you in a good mood.

Gemini – With fun
Loving everything that can bring new things into your life, you never disdain the arrival of a holiday period, first of all, because it makes everyone a little high and soon after because it can lead you to gods. changes that can get you out of the usual grind. Receiving invitations to choose from is something you like and that makes you feel alive, especially if at the base there is the possibility of dressing up or living your days differently. For this reason, Carnival is for you a party that is pleasant in its way and that you celebrate with joy as much as you can.

Cancer – With indifference
Parties aren’t exactly your natural dimension, especially those where the common denominator is chaos. For you it is much better an evening to spend with your family or with the people you love, perhaps watching a movie or dedicating yourself to your loved ones. Even during the Carnival period, therefore, you are more interested in living your world rather than exploring the goliardic one of these days. A choice that is not always shared by friends and relatives who often try to involve you in their outings. Too bad that even when you accept, in the end, you are never able to enjoy yourself as you would like.

Leo – With joy
Cheerful people make you happy and this makes the Carnival period for you a happy time of the year, in which to have fun and, if possible, celebrate. And if there is also a way to get in the way and get noticed, that’s it. It is, therefore, a period that fits you perfectly and you like to spend in the company of friends and people with whom you enjoy the most. After all, no matter how or when, what matters is to party whenever you can, right?

Virgo – With extreme boredom
Carnival itself could also be acceptable. To disturb you is all the chaos that revolves around it and that tires you even just living it from afar. Having to be careful of any jokes, then, always makes you tense, not to mention the masquerade parties where you never know how to behave. In short, it is certainly a party far from your ropes and that just doesn’t suit you, at least like the ones you often avoid attending, preferring to go out with friends or in places where you know what to expect. After all, everyone knows that the unpredictable has never attracted you.

Libra – Doing ambivalent
You are probably still quite undecided about this period of celebration that you experience differently based on your mood and the circumstances in which it presents itself. Of course, you like party occasions, desserts to eat and different times than usual to be able to live with friends. If there is no way to celebrate big, perhaps by attending a party in which to wear a princess dress, the rest is of little interest to you. Every year, therefore, your way of perceiving this day is a surprise for you and everyone.

Scorpio – With indifference
Carnival is for you a party like any other which, as such, does not upset you that much. Of course, it is not one of your favorites unless there is something at stake that can intrigue and interest you. If this does not happen, you prefer to avoid throwing yourself into the fray, taking moments just for yourself, or sharing with the people you love and with whom you feel in perfect harmony. It is, therefore, a party that, most of the time, goes quietly but that every time it passes you remember with pleasure the desserts you tasted. Those certainly don’t bore you.

Sagittarius – With trepidation
Carnival represents a moment of escape that allows you to get out of the usual daily grind allowing you to become whoever you want. For these reasons alone, this party is one of the ones you prefer and that makes you have fun every time in a different way. Even better if there are friends or relatives with you ready to celebrate and make the time fun and dynamic. Celebrating and spending happy hours is something you like and that somehow represents the very essence of life. So, yes, Carnival for you is a party worth promoting.

Capricorn – With fatigue
Well yes, Carnival tires you. Not even you can tell if this depends on the people always ready to make jokes, on the invitations you receive on time or the atmosphere in general, what is sure is that this party can make you feel tired like few others. Whether you choose to participate or not, every time you enter this period it feels like you are slowing down and it is something you hate, especially at work. Fortunately, now and then there is some positive aspect such as desserts to taste or some semi-quiet evening to spend with friends taking advantage of the period. For the rest, however, it is certainly a party that you could do very well without.

Aquarius – With curiosity
You are not yet completely sure that you can say that you can affirm this holiday. Certainly, however, you live it every year with curiosity. You like to see how others organize themselves between parties and disguises and you like to be able to choose calmly whether to take part in the festivities. Of course, this rarely happens but the wave of news that arrives manages to rouse you a little from the numbness in which you often tend to bask. And this, absurd as it may be, has sides that you think are positive in its way.

Pisces – With laziness
Every party has a sense of existing for you, even if only for the joy it manages to convey to people. Carnival, however, is not one of your favorites and this leads you to experience the entire period with certain laziness given more by the lack of desire to take part in the celebrations than anything else. Fortunately, some sweets always make you happy and that somehow bring you back to childhood, when dressing up was a party as it was eating the typical sweets of Carnival. And when it comes to memories it’s always somehow a pleasant moment for you.

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