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Find out what is the right way to love someone so as not to make other mistakes. The opinion of the stars.

When you have several bad relationships behind you, the first thought you have is that you are unlucky. Sometimes, this can also be true, but more often than not, the reasons may be other. It can be the choice of partners who do not coincide with what you want or with the way you love others. Because, after all, even the way of loving sometimes needs to be transformed to improve and be able to open up to others in a total way. Since even the way we manage feelings can be influenced at least in part by the stars, today after having seen what is the most suitable spring pastime for each zodiac sign and what is the type of man that women of the zodiac fall in love with, we will find out how each zodiac sign should love to better enjoy a relationship.

Horoscope: this is how every sign of the zodiac should love

Aries – Treasuring Past Experiences
Those born under the sign of Aries often find themselves dealing with relationships that ended for the same reasons. Whether it’s both to blame or that it hangs more on one side, what should be done is to figure out what went wrong to lay the right foundation for the next story. This way you will avoid making the same mistakes over and over and you will find yourself living happier relationships. Of course, no one can guarantee that this will not come to an end anyway. At least, however, you will have the feeling of having experienced something new and you will have new elements to add to your luggage.

Taurus – Getting more intimate
The natives of Taurus have a fair amount of difficulty in trusting completely and for this reason, at least as long as they can, they try to keep new loves separate from family and closest friends. In this way, however, they risk appearing distant and not very involved, creating a sense of insecurity in the partner who will never know if and how much it is important to them. Since losing a possible love just for fear of opening up can be nerve-wracking in the long run, why not take a step further by choosing to at least share friends? Sometimes it is the small gestures that make the difference and who knows what the next story, in this way, does not have different perspectives.

Gemini – Putting the other at the center of your world
That Gemini is a self-centered person is a known fact. When it comes to relationships, however, it is important to learn to give themselves, and, however difficult it is, it is a step that they too, sooner or later, must take. To create a lasting bond on both sides they must make an effort to get to know the person next to them and to do this the only possible way is to focus on her needs, trying to do something special for him/her. In this way, in addition to earning points, they will know who they are dealing with and this awareness will certainly play an important role in the story, certainly making the relationship more stable.

Cancer – Getting Involved
The natives of Cancer, however romantic and always ready to declare themselves in love with someone, really struggle to get involved completely. When they live in a relationship they always try to set a tone and in doing so they create a kind of emotional distance that often puts a strain on the partner. Surely he will have already had at least one story (if not more than one) which ended for this reason as well. The solution is therefore to let yourself go, take a few more risks, and get involved even at the cost of showing your weaknesses. In this way, history will surely take a step forward.

Leo – Being less independent
Those born under the sign of Leo are independent people, strong and proud of it. However, these characteristics can also pose a danger in a relationship. To be together in two it is, therefore, necessary to put aside the desire to always show themselves strong and ready for anything, accepting the help of the person you love and proving ready to give up something to make room for the partner and the time that requires an important relationship. . In this way they will discover a new part of themselves of which they could be favorably impressed, managing to experience a different but beautiful type of freedom precisely because it is based on individuality.

Virgo – Learning to be more forgiving
Virgo natives always prove too critical, especially with people they deem intimate and with whom they tend to express their opinion all too often. Unfortunately, always giving technical or even negative opinions is a way to create discomfort within the couple, leading to tensions that can often become the basis for the end of a story. To avoid this, it is important to try to accept diversity more and avoid commenting on everything, inserting filters when you feel you just can’t do without them. Sometimes, using different (and perhaps sweeter) words can express the same things and even be accepted with fewer reservations. Seeing is believing.

Libra – Sharing multiple moments
Those born under the sign of Libra are very independent and reserved. For this reason, even when they are in a relationship they often end up sharing very little of their private life. This can make the partner feel as though they have been pushed aside, creating a distance that overtime may be impossible to bridge. Talking more about yourself, about your dreams, and spending precious time together can be a good way to start changing without forcing yourself too much, reaching a type of knowledge that is certainly different and able to create an important point of contact between yourself and your partner.

Scorpio – Giving confidence
The natives of Scorpio are people who when involved give their all for the happiness of their partner. Unfortunately, they have the big problem of never being able to trust completely and questioning everything at the very first mistake. This means that in the long run, even the most patient partner loses the desire to fight and to commit to gaining a trust that seems never to come. It is a give and takes in which the natives of the sign are not good at all. The only solution? Commit to demonstrating that you can change, finally starting to trust those around them. The positive side is that this way they will discover an extremely pleasant way to live a relationship because, let’s face it, being able to trust can make everything extremely pleasant to live.

Sagittarius – By curbing jealousy
Liberals like few others, those born under the sign of Sagittarius prove to be quite jealous and possessive. So, if on the one hand, they want their own space and a lot of freedom, on the other they are not good at giving the same. In fact, in the relationship between the two, they are much more jealous than normal, arriving at real scenes when something does not come back to them or the worm of suspicion creeps into their mind. A problem that puts every story they start at serious risk and whose only solution can be a step back in terms of their requests and a step forward in terms of understanding and trust. It is difficult for them but with a little commitment, they can certainly learn to manage, thus enjoying certainly more relaxed relationships.

Capricorn – Expecting less of others
The truth is that those born under the sign of Capricorn have the defect of expecting several things from those who choose to be with them. Always very busy, they expect, for example, that the partner accepts their times, giving up spending time together without making a fuss. A way of thinking that will rarely find consensus on the other side. The solution? Learn to earn every little effort from the other by asking first and finding ways to reward the person they are with for the patience they have towards them. An attitude that to be honest, they should also begin to assume towards friends and family. This way the misunderstandings will be exhausted and they will have even more time to focus on their own lives.

Aquarius – Making room for emotions
Sometimes, those born under the sign of Aquarius exceed in rationality by avoiding showing their feelings even in those situations where doing so would be important. In love, for example, they should put aside their always active rationality to make room for emotions and make the partner feel more loved who in this way will make fewer problems about the possibility of a one-way story. It is true, asking the natives of the sign to apply themselves in this sense may perhaps be extreme but it is a choice that would lead them to certainly more serene and lasting stories and even to a greater contact with a part of themselves that perhaps they do not yet know fully and which can reserve them various surprises.

Pisces – Detaching a little
When they love Pisces they do it all around and sometimes their love is so strong that it is suffocating. For this reason, a correct choice is to learn to think a little about yourself, putting your partner not necessarily in the background but not in the very first place either. In this way they will grant more space and discover a different way of loving that will give them a certain lightness in their ways, which will bring well-being to the couple relationship and, in the long run, to themselves.

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