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The stars reveal the 3 most jealous signs of the zodiac. When the neighbor’s grass is greener, they go mad with envy.

The zodiac sign gives us strengths and weaknesses. We cannot be perfect. We all have some weaknesses. Today we reveal the 3 signs that cannot help but feel jealous of the joys of others.

It would be wonderful a world where everyone always desires the happiness of others but is also too pretentious. The signs we will talk about today have many advantages but not that of not being jealous. Here are the 3 signs that never rejoice in the successes of the ai.

The 3 most envious signs of the zodiac? Here is the ranking

When someone is enthusiastic about having achieved their success, these signs seem to turn up their mouths rather than smile and appear happy. In reality, their propensity to be jealous does not leave them indifferent and does not allow them to feel happiness for the achievements of others.

We are not saying that these 3 signs are treacherous and bad, but only that in addition to many qualities they have the defect of desiring the best for them, and if this best is in their pocket, others feel resentful.

Even if they find it hard to prove it, in the face of joy and a happy event they will secretly feel envy. In some rare cases, they will also feel authorized to diminish the success proclaimed by others by boasting that they have achieved something more important.

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Who are these signs?

1. Capricorn

Capricorn is a very careerist and competitive sign. Work comes first of all and from all of itself in this area. His sacrifices are usually rewarded with success, but when he notices that others get professional rewards by investing the least amount of effort, they feel a great deal of anger. And if someone dares to say that that success was deserved then he will even feel bitterness.

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2. Taurus

Taurus is a materialistic sign. He craves success and power, he always wants to feel better than others. Taurus especially loves having more than others on a material level, therefore things and objects: clothes, cars, and beautiful houses. When Taurus notices other people enjoying social acclaim, he feels consumed with envy and tends to feel miserable. This unhappiness stems from the fact that he cannot stay focused on his successes and rejoice in them but focuses on those of others. Despite this weakness, this sign boasts unparalleled loyalty and is very patient and sincere.

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3. Virgo

Virgo is precise and perfect in everything she does because she craves ambition. They strive to receive praise and admiration and when these flow to other people around them, they feel very annoyed. Virgo feels jealous of those who get things effortless given her sense of work and organization. You will see him congratulated but he will never be completely happy. In reality, he will begin to darken devastated by a thousand questions about why, despite his efforts, others enjoy more than him. Virgo is a sign that stands out for its integrity and many other qualities such as humanity, generosity, or wisdom.

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