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Find out if you are more of a sweet or savory person. The answer is based on your zodiac sign.

When it comes to food, we often find ourselves having to choose between sweet and savory. And while for many it may be quite simple, for others it can prove to be a real problem. Which happens mostly to people with a sweet tooth and who therefore love everything. Beyond personal tastes, however, there seems to be a certain correspondence between personal tastes and the influence of the stars.

For this reason, after having seen which are the zodiac signs to trust, today we will find out if we are more sweet or savory people. A discovery that will help us the next time we find ourselves undecided on what to choose.

Sweet or salty? Your zodiac sign reveals it

Aries – Salty
Although you are not one to disdain anything, in the long run you are saltier. In fact, you like everything that you can eat at any time of the day and that can satisfy you with taste. Foods are rich in proteins but also simple and immediate. A bit like you who are always charged and full of energy.

Taurus – Sweet
True, you lend yourself well to both flavors. Yet, having a choice or when you really need a cuddle, you tend to feel the need for something sweet more. So sweet to you be. But not without squinting at a good first course. In that case, the boundary between one and the other becomes rather thin.

Gemini – Sweet?
With you, the dilemma is always around the corner. After all, you are a person who loves to change. For this reason, confining yourself to only one type of flavor is equivalent to cutting your wings. If you really have to choose, you should definitely opt for dessert. But a good way to remedy this always exists. An example? Nutella pizza or fried ice cream. Two foods contain both types of taste in their own way.

Cancer – Absolutely the sweet
In your case, the doubt does not even arise. You are certainly more inclined towards sweets. And just see how you feel the need when you’re down in the dumps to understand that you just couldn’t be without it. For this reason, in the face of a minimum doubt, just think about what makes you feel best to remind you that sweets always have primacy in your heart.

Leo – Salty
It’s true, there is often doubt and the desire to taste both flavors is always around the corner. But desserts tend to run out early and you need foods that can satisfy you completely. A savory dish (especially when it comes to snacks) is, therefore, the most suitable option to make you happy.

Virgo – The salty
If we talk about you we can say that you are right in the middle between the two types of flavor. But if there’s something you can’t resist, especially when you’re feeling stressed, it’s salty foods. In fact, your need to taste them becomes so strong that you risk losing control. So, albeit with the right moderation, salty be it.

Libra – Sweet
You love salty foods but when it comes to thinking about something that makes you feel at peace with yourself, sweets always come first. Beautiful to look at and super greedy to taste, they always represent a good meeting point with others. Something that can give you a good mood and that is why you consider it particularly suitable for your way of being.

Scorpio – Sweet and salty
Yes, for you to choose is practically impossible because there is no one without the other. If you start with the salty you have to end with the sweet and vice versa. The best way to combine the two in a single choice is therefore to opt for foods that are placed in the middle. An example? Seasoned cheese with a good jam or honey. The perfect way to indulge your senses.

Sagittarius – The sweet
It is difficult for you to be undecided between the two things because sweets have always represented that moment of escape that can make you feel better. Dessert is therefore always the option you resort to relax or relieve yourself after a hard day. From the breakfast pancake to the afternoon cake, this is something you would never give up.

Capricorn – The salty
Despite the difference between sweet and salty for you, there is a bit of difference when you really have to choose you to prefer to focus more on the second. If you allow yourself sweet in small doses, with salty you prefer to abound. This is especially true with first courses that have always represented your personal comfort food.

Aquarius – Salty Salty
foods and snacks, in particular, are what you like best. An easy way to enjoy something good while relieving stress. For this reason, it is difficult for you to feel divided in the choice.

Pisces –
Sweet and sour Sweet and salty for you are two flavors that complement each other. Choosing is therefore really difficult as well as linked to the mood of the moment. A good compromise is therefore to focus on bittersweet. Perfect choice to enjoy something simple but tasty and that you are sure will never tire you.

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