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When a story ends, the pain you feel is different for everyone and so is the way you react. Here is one of the various zodiac signs.

A relationship that ends always causes a certain amount of pain. Whether you are on the side of those who leave or that of those who are left, the bitterness for a broken relationship is always present as well as the pain for the affection that is lacking and the habits that, together with common projects, they vanish into thin air. These are very strong and often conflicting emotions that each of us experiences in different ways.

The ways of reacting to recovery are also and in many cases, certain attitudes can even depend on the zodiac sign. The stars affect us in different ways and among these there is also the way we react to adversity. So, after seeing what is the hidden gift to thank 2021 for and what each zodiac sign is asking too much in love, today we will discover how each sign of the zodiac recovers from the end of a love story.
When dealing with feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of each sign of the zodiac, to have a clearer and more precise idea.

Astrology: this is how every zodiac sign recovers from the end of a love story

Aries – Making up for lost time
Those born under the sign of Aries hate to lose and when a love story ends, regardless of who left whom and how they feel, the thing that bothers them most is the idea of ​​failure. They focus on the time wasted behind the partner, on the many missed opportunities while being together and on everything, they could have done knowing a priori that the story would be over. This leads them to try to take back the wasted time, accepting every news with euphoria and throwing themselves headlong into travels, new courses, outings with friends, and even new acquaintances. And who knows that, even if they don’t like to admit it, in this hyperactivity, a bit too pushed even for them, there is an attempt not to feel the pain of the lack of those who, despite everything, loved each other.

Taurus – Changing the air
When a romance ends, the natives of Taurus prefer a change of scenery, starting with different people and even frequenting different places. They do it because the memory of the loved one would end up haunting them, leading them to immerse themselves in the memories instead of looking ahead. Being very romantic people who always believe in their stories, every memory would be like a stab to the heart for them, and for this reason, at least for the first time, they need to escape and hang out with different people who can distract them and help them get through the moment. It must be said that fortunately they can recover quickly and this leads them to return to being the same as always in a short time.

Gemini – Following the instinct of the moment
Those born under the sign of Gemini don’t have a precise way to deal with the end of a love story but they know that to recover quickly they need to do what makes them feel best at the moment. Experiencing pain is not something they love or know how to manage as they would like and for this reason they do not like being told what to do or what can be the right way to stop suffering. Most of the time they just need to look for a distraction, go out and meet new people. Looking at the present is their first way of acting and the only one that allows them not to think about the person they were with. For this reason, knowing each other well and being fundamentally stubborn, they prefer to follow their instincts and trust only and exclusively their feelings.

Cancer – Experiencing pain
The natives of Cancer are extremely romantic people. For this reason, the end of a story is never something to be taken lightly. Letting others go or getting used to detachment is a very painful process for them and takes time and a lot of willpower. This translates into a long period in which to retire to private life to experience one’s pain without doing anything else. After a story, you can then see them spend whole days in their pajamas, eating sweets and watching heart-wrenching movies. A phase that he needs to accept what has happened, take stock of the situation and get back more active than before. Once re-introduced into their world they will be more ready than ever to resume life where they left off and, needless to say,

Leo – Thinking of something new
Those born under the sign of Leo do not like to stop, even when it comes to processing the end of an important story. For this reason, when they find themselves in a similar situation, their way of reacting is to throw themselves headlong into something new. Whether it’s a work project, a trip to organize, or a series of small things that can fill their day, what matters most is to feel active and able to overcome the moment. From this point of view, their sociality greatly helps them to move forward, helping them to look to the future with confidence and hope. Of course, sometimes they will find themselves thinking about the loved one, feeling a feeling of sadness but this will not prevent them from looking for positive aspects as well, leading them to do what perhaps, as a couple, they could not indulge and meet as many people as possible. After all, what matters most to them is not to lose themselves and all the opportunities that life can give them.

Virgo – Doing something for yourself
Virgo natives do not like their stories to come to an end but they know that when they do it is because, most likely, there was no other way to keep them going. This means that first of all, they will try to take care of themselves, taking care of their interests to the maximum and finding different ways to distract themselves and not think about what happened. If they work they will throw themselves headlong into their duties, taking advantage of their free time to relax and enjoy the company of their friends. At the same time, they will try to meet new people, to find new laps in which to move and to have different experiences than usual. Anything that can keep them mentally engaged will be seen by them as something positive to experience and do while waiting for someone special to knock on their door.

Libra – Seeking support from friends
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who tend to keep many things to themselves in life. Even with friends, they play more the role of a confidant than a person in need of confiding. This all tends to change when they feel down about a finished story. In this case, they seek the support of loved ones to talk about how they feel so as not to have to live alone the suffering that a breakup always brings with it. At the same time, they rely as they can on those who can give them a hand, perhaps taking them around and helping them to distract themselves. They are, in essence, people who know how to take care of themselves and what they need and who when the circumstance arises are not afraid to come forward to ask for what they need.

Scorpio – Starting Over
The natives of Scorpio do not like having to live the end of something and even less love the end of a story. Nevertheless, they know very well how to recover, trying at any cost to start over from themselves. Thus, at the end of the relationship, after taking a few days to metabolize everything in silence, they will resume their life by opening the doors to the new. For them, this is a good way to start over on their own, giving birth to new routines, meeting new people, and creating a present that has no bridge to that part of their past but can lead them to the future they desire.

Sagittarius – Giving yourself time only for yourself
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to live their life with the awareness of always having something pleasant on the horizon. When a love story ends, therefore, they find themselves immediately looking for something that can distract them and make them feel positive emotions, despite the disappointment of the moment. If they can, their first choice is a journey that can take them to different horizons and meet different people. If for any reason they can’t, they still try to find time for themselves. A SPA, an afternoon with friends, or a weekend out of town are always choices that can give him back a smile and make him forget the bitterness of the present.

Capricorn – Filling their days with things to do
The natives of Capricorn do not like to feel bad, even less if the reason is a story that has come to an end, when they can, therefore, they always look for a way to cheer themselves up and the method they know best is that to fill their days. Whether it’s work, tasks to attend to, or moments to spend with friends, they always make sure to occupy every free moment to prevent themselves from thinking, letting time fix everything. Of course, by not completely addressing the problem some aftermath will likely remain but it is also true that this is the only way they know and that allows them to process things calmly, respecting their times and thus managing to overcome the moment without too much effort.

Aquarius – Simply by living
Those born under the sign of Aquarius have no real way to deal with a breakup. Being very independent people, when a story ends, they do not suffer from loneliness or lack as much as the sense of failure for what could have been and instead did not go as they thought. For this reason, they prefer to experience pain without thinking about it too much and without looking for ways to forget it. To this, they associate the normal activities of each day more than the time to devote to themselves. Even in these situations, they do not stop being alone with themselves, trying to take advantage of the extra free time to allow themselves the inner calm they need to metabolize everything. A natural way of being that ultimately helps them overcome pain, even rather quickly.

Pisces – Doing What They Feel Right For Themselves
Pisces natives are so sensitive that they don’t get through the end of a story at all well. Regardless of who said enough, for them it is a moment in which to withdraw into themselves for a while, listening to the pain and making up. When this happens, they start living by following their instincts and doing what they think will help them get better. In this context, they tend not to listen too much to others, aware that their world is difficult to understand that their way of living things is strictly personal. This is why, in the end, it can be said that they manage to overcome the end of a story simply by being themselves, not forcing themselves into anything, and acting as they feel at the moment, regardless of what others may tell them.

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