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The stars reveal to us which are the most hypochondriacal signs of the Zodiac. These signs cannot help but think about diseases.

Our astrological affiliation gives us distinctive traits and these also affect our attention to our health. There are scornful signs of the danger that they live in the present, without limits and without thinking about the implications of their behavior in the future and then there are signs that they are much more attentive to how they conduct their lives today in terms of how this will be tomorrow. Are you a careful sign of your health?

Astrology is often associated with the future, divination and destiny. It is a prediction of what is going to happen but it could also be an interesting parallel with the fear of getting sick and this depends a lot on the way in which the different signs of the Zodiac relate to the concept of health and disease.

Here are the signs that they always fear getting sick

Obviously our way of dealing with the disease could be the result of our experiences, but according to the stars it cannot be excluded that it depends on the relationship we have with our zodiac sign. The stars help us to better understand our behaviors and our relationships and also help us to intervene to better manage our emotions, so although many think that astrology is only a mapping of destiny, in reality according to astrologers it could be much more, for example a useful tool to help us to know ourselves better and therefore to live life so that our life is fulfilling.

The most hypochondriacal signs of the Zodiac are those who react worst to illness when they get sick. This applies not only to themselves but also to the people they love. Among the most hypochondriac signs, the first in the ranking is Sagittarius . Sagittarius is a solar sign, optimistic, is always positive. He actually excludes all bad things from his life and has this attitude towards illness as well. When Sagittarius gets sick they even ignore the symptoms and when the disease affects their loved ones they become overprotective. If he ends up accepting that he is sick, he goes into paranoia.

Capricorn is a sign that is very busy professionally, works a lot and never stops and when he gets sick he is forced to stop for this, this sign considers the disease as a dark and unpromising event related to his destiny. and therefore he feels particularly afflicted by this state.

Aquarius is also a hypochondriac sign. According to astrologers this is an original and avant-garde sign, this farsighted sign feels helpless in the face of disease and therefore tends to feel deeply distressed when it falls ill.

Following Aquarius in the ranking of the most hypochondriacal signs is the P quit. Pisces is a highly sensitive sign and in general tends to somatize, which is why doctors often think that Pisces does not actually get sick but simply suffers the effects of someone else’s disease. With a Pisces a placebo drug often has great results.


Aries is a dynamic hyperactive sign, always busy. The moment his physical condition does not allow him to lead his usual life, Aries becomes dramatic. This sign does not tolerate anything that slows it down including the disease, in reality the Aries in front of the disease does not stop or at least try, it pretends that it does not exist and continues to go on until it collapses. At that point he begins to fear her thinking that it is something serious.


The empathic and very sensitive sign of Cancer when he gets sick he becomes a child, he complains and wants to be treated. Look for all the necessary attention. The disease makes him very anxious and makes him suffer very much.


Leo is a sign that loves to shine, receive appreciation and compliments and always show itself in its best guise. Obviously this does not happen when he gets sick so for him the disease is a sort of block that prevents him from leading the life that usually makes him feel so satisfied. In reality, Leo associates disease with death, which is why it gives him much more importance than he really has.

We cannot exclude from this ranking the Virgo who is a control freak sign. This spasmodic need to always have control over everything makes him feel particularly helpless in the face of a disease. Being also a very anxious sign when he gets sick he gets very agitated and seems to no longer be able to be in control of himself.

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