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These Zodiac Signs Tend To Make Fun Of Others Or Hurt Them

Some signs have a very particular mood and tend to make fun of others, in no time at all.

Sometimes they do it even unconsciously, without even realizing it. They have a character and a way of doing that, not everyone can stand and that is difficult to digest on more than one occasion.

But let’s go in order and try to clarify and also dispel some myths about them. Sometimes the worst wounds arise unconsciously.

The signs that have a somewhat peculiar way of dealing with others, sometimes difficult, are them.


The Sagittarius sign is one of those who have a forthright personality, which means that they can often be too honest with others. This can lead them to say things that might hurt someone’s feelings or make jokes that aren’t always appropriate. However, Sagittarius tends to do it without malice and it’s often just a matter of being too impulsive. More than making fun of others, Sagittarius is too direct.


The Leo sign is known for its strong personality and its need to be the center of attention. This can often lead him to tease others for feeling superior. However, if someone manages to win his friendship and respect from him, Leo becomes one of the best friends one can have.


The Gemini sign has a personality that can be very volatile, which means they could make fun of someone one day and then make amends the next. This is often due to their dual nature and difficulty in making decisions.


The Aries sign is well known for its impulsiveness and competitive nature. This can often lead them to make fun of others to prove they are superior. However, Aries also has a big heart and when they realize they’ve hurt someone, they do everything they can to apologize.


Cancers are known for their sensitivity and need to feel loved and accepted. However, this can lead him to tease others to feel superior or to draw attention to himself. However, when a Cancer realizes that they have hurt someone, they do everything they can to undo the damage. After all, it’s a heart of gold.

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