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Are you ready to discover the ranking of zodiac signs always engaged? Let’s hope your partner isn’t among them – here’s why!

There are people, and unfortunately, we know them well, who struggle to be alone.
Imagining spending time without a sweetheart next to them is practically impossible: what? Being alone? Are we kidding, maybe?

Today we decided to ask the horoscope if it can give us a ranking of which are the zodiac signs that must always have a boyfriend near.
After all, it’s better to know if your boyfriend is among them, right?

Always engaged zodiac signs: find out if your partner can’t really be alone too

We’ve all known someone in life who can’t help but be engaged. Maybe it’s about that friend of yours who, between a story of ten years and one of five, has always had a serious boyfriend (with stories that perhaps lasted one or two years). Or is it just you, now that you look back, to understand that … hey, you’ve never been alone!

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Some people just can’t do without a partner, so much so that sometimes they force themselves to be in really depressing situations rather than alone!
That’s why, therefore, we asked the stars and planets to draw up the ranking of the zodiac signs that must always be engaged.

Don’t you think it’s better to find out if your partner is among them and, if so, ask yourself two questions about it?

Pisces: fifth place

Unbelievable but true, we put people born under the sign of Pisces only in fifth place in our ranking today. Pisces
are commonly known to be ” in love with love ” and also as one of the zodiac signs… well, always engaged!

We must admit that Pisces, often and willingly, is not afraid to remain single: the fact is that, however, there are many people with whom Pisces could be well together … and often they have relationships one after the other, without malice!
Dear Pisces, do not be offended: you know very well that you are one of the zodiac signs always (always) engaged!

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Libra: fourth place

Does it seem a surprise to you that Libra is in this horoscope ranking? We can say that those born under the sign of Libra are not people who are committed, so to speak, in relationships and would not always want to be engaged: it just happens to them!

Libra is a sign that has one big flaw: it wants to please everyone but really everyone! That is why, even when they are in a minor relationship or with a person who is not the right one, Libra still strives to stay in that relationship.
How does? But making oneself as attractive or palatable as possible: the result is that those born under the sign of Libra are always engaged … and maybe they wouldn’t even want to!

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Cancer: third place

Have you ever met a single Cancer? If the answer is yes, maybe you should reconsider your ideas for a moment: are you sure that the person in question was born under the sign of Cancer?
While it is by no means difficult to imagineCancers are people who are almost always engaged.

Even when they try to focus on single life, in fact, Cancers almost always ” stumble ” in a relationship. But how do they do it?
Simple: Cancers always end up engaging with just about anyone who gets in with them, even people who don’t want to be in a relationship. The commitment, in love, goes very far, and here the Cancers end up being one of those zodiac signs … always engaged!

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Gemini: second place

A first surprise awaits us in second place in our ranking of always engaged zodiac signs.
The Gemini is very high in this ranking: but for what reason? Aren’t they free and independent?

The answer, unfortunately for everyone, is no: indeed! Geminis love being engaged: having a partner means that there is always someone around, ready to pick up the pieces when they shatter everything!

Geminis particularly enjoy being contested and love and relationships put them in the best position to… feel wanted!
Beware of Gemini: they are capable of creating truly painful intrigues from a sentimental point of view and we can assure you that they will always fall on their feet!

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Taurus: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs who are always engaged

Incredible but true, in the first place of our ranking today we meet all those born under the sign of Taurus.
The Taurus, so silent and calm, always organized and never ” sensational “, earns a very good first place.

Hey, is it true that Taurus must always be engaged?
The answer, unfortunately for the Taurus and those around them, is yes: damn what a blow!
Taurus cares a lot about one element over all the others: peace. For them it is essential to be able to feel at peace with themselves and with others and, for this reason, they often turn a blind eye.

This does not mean that the Taurus appreciates or overlooks betrayals, mind you! We just want to say that the Taurus can stay in the same situation for years because he is unwilling or too afraid to change. Even worse: if he leaves or is left and does not have a plan B ready … you can be sure that he will “fill” the hole with the first person he meets, ending up staying together … even for years!

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