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They don’t speak in riddles and always use metaphors when they could be direct: they are the most enigmatic zodiac signs of the horoscope!

Let’s face it: everyone, faced with some embarrassing memory or some too direct question, we tried to gloss over. To pretend nothing happened, to send her (as they say in Rome) “in caciara”, to be enigmatic on purpose: there is not a person who has not tried to escape with the power of the cover-up! Today we decided to tell you about the zodiac signs that are like this for horoscope inspiration : ready to find out if you are in the ranking?

The most enigmatic zodiac signs of the horoscope: are you in the ranking too?

More complicated than Cicero , less clear than the Sibyl , as indecipherable as the Oracle of Delphi .

No, today’s horoscope ranking is not one like an Epic lesson in high school but simply the list of the most enigmatic zodiac signs of the horoscope !
We all know someone who is deliberately enigmatic: who by posing, because he thinks that being enigmatic makes him more interesting, and who because, simply, he is just like that.

Instead of answering clearly or saying what they think, the most enigmatic zodiac signs of the horoscope do nothing but muddle the waters , using deliberately ambiguous words, never taking sides.
How about: would you like to find out today’s horoscope ranking ?

Virgo: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Virgo are truly enigmatic.
Unlike many other signs that are in this ranking because they have a tendency to be enigmatic which is then exploited to their advantage, those born under the sign of Virgo are enigmatic by nature.

Virgo , in fact, thinks very differently from other people in the horoscope She tends to do everything her own way. Too bad that she, in this way, she becomes in fact completely enigmatic in the eyes of others. Too bad that the Virgin does not feel absolutely enigmatic: it is only her real way of being!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Sagittarius knows that, even if he is in fourth place in this ranking, perhaps he deserves a higher position.
Dear Sagittarius , you know that you are enigmatic for one reason and one reason only. For your own benefit!

Sagittarians are people who are terrified of saying too much to others: they could see them become traveling companions who then, with difficulty, will be able to leave behind.
Sagittarians would really go out of their way to protect their independence. Even becoming enigmatic … on purpose!

Capricorn: third place

Dear Capricorn , of course you knew that you would end up in the ranking of the most enigmatic zodiac signs of the horoscope .

Capricorns are enigmatic people by nature and by study. They know that when they don’t want to say something, being enigmatic is always a good option!
Here, then, that Capricorns are wasted in half words, half actions and even half concepts. They know that others will fill in the holes for them, and should this materialize into something bad for Capricorns , they can always back down!

Aries: second place

Those born under the sign of Aries are people who love to be ambiguous. For them, in fact, using half words, saying things always leaving a veil of “fog” and being, in any case, absolutely incomprehensible.

In short: Aries like to be enigmatic and for more than one reason!
First of all, by dint of being enigmatic, Aries can afford to always remain with their foot in two shoes.
They seem neutral but, simply, they are always ready to leave others confused, manipulating them as best they can.
Aries are particularly good at being enigmatic. They know how to handle the information they leak (by having it packed away) and go to great lengths to hold onto the information that gives them an advantage. Watch out for Aries ! They always know more than they say!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most enigmatic zodiac signs of the horoscope

Dear Leo , tell us the truth. Are you enigmatic on purpose or by mistake?
Leos have learned very early that, in order to always be the center of attention, it is good to remain in dignified silence .
After the first few times that, for fear of saying something wrong, the Leos have seen how much power they are given thanks to the puzzles … they have decided to always put them into practice!

For a Leo , being enigmatic is practically a way of living as well as being.
First of all because, as an enigmatic, there is a chance to be more fascinating. Fascinating also means more respected and more attractive: a real boon for Leos!
There is also the fact that Leos don’t want to explain or stir too much into their feelings. A Leo is fine the way it is. Being enigmatic is a way to break it down!

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