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These Zodiac Signs Hate The Heat. Are You Among Them?

Summer is the season when the sun shines brightly in the sky, the days get longer and the temperatures reach scorching peaks. While some zodiac signs warmly welcome this season of celebration and fun, others find themselves hating the heat.

For these signs, rising temperatures can bring discomfort, irritation, and a strong desire to seek refuge in the shade and coolness wherever possible. These are people who have longed for autumn since June.

In this article, we’ll explore zodiac signs who often find it hard to tolerate the summer heat, uncovering their preferences and their heavenly outlets for tackling this seasonal challenge.


Taurus, known for their stable nature and desire for comfort, find it difficult to adjust to scorching temperatures. It prefers a cooler and more pleasant climate. During the summer, Taurus looks for ways to cool off, often by soaking in pools, rivers, or lakes. His innate passion for good food leads him to enjoy refreshing ice creams, sorbets, and smoothies as a form of relief from the sultry days.


Sensitive Cancer is a sign who cares deeply about others, but when the summer heat rolls in, their patience can waver. Instead of facing the scorching sun, Cancer prefers to stay in the shade and enjoy the coolness. It takes refuge in shady places such as secular trees or the house, creating a welcoming atmosphere with air conditioning and soft lighting. Cool drinks like lemonade or iced tea are her go-to for refreshment and stress relief.


Virgo’s rationality can be tested during the hottest days of the year. As a sign that favors order and cleanliness, Virgo tries to keep their environment fresh and organized. She is dedicated to precise programs to deal with the heat, regulating the internal temperature with precision, and making use of fans or air conditioners. To vent the frustration caused by high temperatures, Virgo focuses on preparing healthy and fresh meals, such as vitamin-rich salads and fruit juices.


Libra is a sign that seeks harmony and elegance in every aspect of life, but excessive heat can disturb its inner balance. In the summer, Libra seeks cool, shady spots, such as landscaped gardens or outdoor cafes with large umbrellas. To relieve the annoyance caused by this intense heat which occurs above all in summer, the scale also knows how to find situations out of the ordinary, such as an ice-cold bottle on the bed, a bit like a bottle of hot water in winter, and autumn.

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