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The Most Unlucky For The Week Of October 2-8, 2023.

The week of October 2-8, 2023 will be complicated for some Chinese zodiac signs. Three of them seem to be more unlucky than others during these days. Find out what signs they are and what are the reasons for this bad luck so that you can better understand your horoscope and that of your loved ones.


For those born under the sign of the Snake, this week could bring several difficulties. The snake represents wisdom and intelligence, but also discretion and adaptability. Unfortunately, these qualities will not be enough to avoid some setbacks in various areas of their life.

Tensions In Professional Life

People with the zodiac sign Snake will have to struggle with resistance in their professional activities. Complex and potentially stressful situations may require them to tap into their resources to find appropriate solutions. You will have to redouble your diplomatic skills and be very careful about relationships with colleagues and superiors.

Upheavals In Friendship Relationships

This week there will also be some upheavals in the friendship world of snakes. So some friends might be more demanding and critical of them, testing their patience. A tip: Maintain communication and avoid unnecessary conflicts.


People born under the sign of the Monkey will also experience a week full of challenges, especially on an emotional level. Funny, curious, and charismatic, the monkey often attracts attention and is usually good at maneuvering through difficulties. Nevertheless, this time will be a real challenge for the monkeys.

Problems In Love Need To Be Solved

Love relationships will be put to the test during these seven days. Whether it is existing couples or new acquaintances, the situation will not be easy. It will require effort and patience to move forward calmly and deal with the complex situation in the best possible way.

A Delicate Emotional Relationship

The biggest challenge for the monkeys during this time will be to maintain some emotional stability. The fluctuating emotions will be an integral part of this turbulent week. However, it is crucial not to panic and remain focused on your personal and professional goals.


After all, the zodiac sign of the Rooster will not be spared from this unlucky week. Known for his daring and creativity, the Rooster will have to redouble his efforts to cope with the various situations that will come his way.

Unexpected Financial Complications

This week could bring some financial uncertainty for these natives. Expenses that are not included in the budget or an unprofitable investment could cloud the picture. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether you make important and potentially costly decisions during this time.

A Necessary Rethink

Despite the many challenges, it is important for people with the Rooster zodiac sign not to lose ground under their feet and to keep a clear head about the situations they encounter. This week may force you to question what is important to moving forward in life.

  • Snake: to overcome professional obstacles and friendly tensions
  • Monkey: solving emotional challenges and sentimental problems
  • Rooster: financial complications to be reckoned with and the need to question yourself

So, the unluckiest Chinese zodiac signs for the week of October 2nd to 8th, 2023 are the Snake, the Monkey, and the Rooster. While this time promises to be difficult for these natives, it is important to remember that it is up to them to demonstrate resilience and resourcefulness to get through these days successfully.

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