If you know one of the cleverest zodiac signs in the horoscope, you already know how difficult it can be to be friends with them. Here’s why and the ranking!

How many times has it happened to you to perhaps tell a “small” lie or incongruity and be lied to without ifs and buts by the person to whom you were telling it?
Of course, lying is not nice but it is also true that, at times, there are people from whom it seems impossible to be able to “escape”.
They are always one step ahead of you, they know everything and they don’t stop until they have brought out what they want. Let’s find out better who we are talking about!

The cleverest zodiac signs of the horoscope: are you there too in today’s ranking?

Today we decided to ask stars and planets to tell us about a very particular ranking.

But how which: that of the most cunning zodiac signs of the horoscope !
With them you can never lie and you can’t hide anything from them and, also, you can’t really get it right.
They are too smart !

Let’s find out who is among the top five positions of today ‘s horoscope ranking : do you think you are present?

Capricorn: fifth place

Do not think that Capricorns are among the most naive signs of the whole horoscope .
True, they may be neither naive nor crafty: and instead, thanks to our horoscope ranking today, we can tell you the truth.

Capricorns are always and constantly “on the alert”: even if it seems that everything is escaping them, in reality you know that if they do escape it.
Those born under the sign of Capricorn will always make the best decision for them – they are very calculating!

Aquarius: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who cannot really be considered as “naive”.
The Aquarius , in fact, are absolutely shrewd people who, often, can read you with a single glance!

It is very easy for an Aquarius  to understand what others want, what they are lying about and why.
Don’t try to make fun of the  Aquarius : they always know what you want and behave accordingly!

Aries: third place

We can say that  Aries deserve a place in the ranking of the smartest zodiac signs of the whole horoscope without being too surprised. Aries
, in fact, are absolutely shrewd people!

Don’t be fooled by their naive air or their way of doing things that always seem confused and uncertain.
Aries , in fact, know very well what they want and also how to get it from others. But there is more! For Aries it is very easy to ” read ” the emotions of others . They study them, catalog them and are very clever!

Gemini: second place

Gemini is also an “almost” surprise in the ranking of the most cunning zodiac signs of the whole horoscope .
Let’s face it, though: if you were expecting to find a given sign in the rankings, this would mean that that sign is not as clever as you thought… right?

Gemini perfectly interprets this dichotomy. They look like so many other signs in today’s chart, naive and helpless and are actually extremely crafty!
Don’t be fooled by Gemini – they always have an ulterior motive and know exactly what they are doing. Don’t believe the tale of Gemini with their head in the clouds: there is a reason why they are among the cleverest zodiac signs in the whole horoscope !

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most cunning zodiac signs of the horoscope

Finally, we arrive at the first place of today’s ranking and we find a sign that, perhaps, it seems really strange to meet here.

But how, would Libra be one of the cleverest signs of the horoscope? Aren’t Libras absolutely nice and kind, almost naive and completely transparent?
Who was born under this sign is generally a very shrewd person : he foresees his moves in advance, calculates the words he says and is always at attention.

Don’t trust Libras – they are too crafty not to have a plan (or more than one) on you!


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