Zodiac Signs


Not every person is extroverted and is open to new acquaintances. Some star signs are rather shy and seem a bit distant and reserved at first sight. Above all, these three zodiac signs are often perceived as particularly shy:


In his circle of friends, the ibex is not so shy, he talks about it happy and has an opinion on everything. But if he meets people he does not know, he feels a little uncomfortable and closes himself. It takes a while before he can come out with new acquaintances.


Pisces are among the most sensitive and sensitive zodiac signs. They are very careful to protect their feelings. That’s why they prefer to stay in the background and open up after some time. So if you want to have a fish for a friend, you have to be patient. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces.


The cancer is quickly thought to be shy because he prefers to listen rather than speak himself. Exactly this property his friends appreciate very much about him. If you know someone but not so good, you can quickly confuse his quiet nature with disinterest.

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