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These signs do not accept to lose

There are signs that always want to win and cannot stand a defeat. In any matter, these signs do not accept losing.

We’ve all lost in life. In a game, in a relationship, we’ve all had moments when we didn’t come out victorious. However, how we deal with this circumstance is likely to change. If some see defeat as learning and an opportunity to improve; others fail to see anything positive about the experience of losing.

The Zodiac shows just that. There are signs that deal well with defeat, while others don’t like to lose, not even beans. Find out which ones!

Nor the beans! These signs do not accept to lose


The natives of the sign of Sagittarius like to have the light of the spotlight on them and participate in any competition for the simple pleasure of competing. The natives of this sign don’t worry so much when they lose. However, they don’t easily give up the points, because they are very accurate in their actions.

The natives of this sign tend not to expend any movement, nor any extra energy in the disputes they enter. Despite being very competitive, they are, in general, good losers.


Natives of the sign Scorpio are very competitive, although they do not show it or publicly admit it. They face each battle in a very cold and determined way, in order to come out victorious.

The natives of this sign are born strategists, all with the aim of reaching their goal. As they are very vindictive, the natives of this sign may not be able to easily forget about defeat.


Aries/Aries natives are among the most competitive in the Zodiac. The natives of this sign live to win and expect nothing less when they enter any competition. They give everything they have and, if they don’t win, the natives of this sign will sulk and annoyed, brooding over this defeat.

Aries/Aries natives like to shine and therefore, when they don’t achieve victory, they have a hard time dealing with the condition of losers.


The natives of the sign of Capricorn live competition, adrenaline and everything that surrounds it very intensely. The natives of this sign do not say no to any challenge or battle and give it their all.

Also, they are very stubborn and therefore don’t listen to anyone’s advice. They especially enjoy measuring strengths with others and competing.


Virgo natives are super competitive, especially with themselves. They like to outdo themselves. Therefore, they are a very dangerous and fearful opponent, as they do not offer peace until they win.

The natives of this sign invest their best in challenges. They will face any opponent until they reach the lead. They are more demanding on themselves than on others. The natives of this sign find it difficult to deal with defeat, as they see it as a personal failure and a defeat of their skills and abilities. So it’s no wonder they can feel sad, downcast and even depressed after a defeat.

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