Zodiac Signs

Discovering What Makes You Powerful Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

Aries – You are strong, powerful and if you put your mind to it, you are unstoppable. Make sure to keep that flame going even when you feel that things are not going your way. Your ambition is admirable, but you have the tendency to give up when things are not panning out. Stay through it, weather the storm and you’ll see the gifts multiplying in the end. Aries is the fighter, the warrior and the initiator. The Zodiac begins with you because you are fearless and have the power to transform after living through many incarnations. Aries is power, drive and you are the force that begins from the ashes of the end.

Taurus – You are talented, precious and admired. Do not question your work ethic, you are resilient when it comes to what you want and when you’re not passionate, you lose interest which is completely normal. Never underestimate what you can achieve because you can easily make extraordinary creations. Love is abundant for you and those around you appreciate and adore you. Never give up the love and worth you have within. Make sure to trust in your abilities, your dreams and goals because you will rise to the top.

Gemini – You are intelligent, caring and amicable. There is a gift within your mind. You have the power to make transformations with a pen or your words. Whether the changes are positive or negative depend on your convictions. Mercury is embodied with you along with the negatives and positives. This can make you a powerful enemy or a respectable comrade. Do not think of yourself unworthy and do not question your intelligence, you have the tools needed to make positive changes and bring love to the world.

Cancer – You are adoring, loving and trustworthy. The passion you exhibit should not be seen as weakness, Cancer. Your strength comes in the form of helping others. In a world riddled with selfishness and absurdity, you are a grounding and necessary force. There is power in your actions because you can easily create and destroy. As a Cardinal sign, you initiate fearlessly and are attuned with what it means to witness an ending. Cancer is the pillar that is needed as we all go through the cycle or life and rebirth. Death is in the realm of the Scorpio, but you are just as destructive wen your love is not channeled properly. Always remember to love because the world needs the radiance that you bring to it.

Leo – You are a humanitarian, you are venerated and treasured. The weaknesses might appear when you do not feel the love that others give to you but remember that you are very much admired for your buoyant personality, your accessibility to others and the passion you give when you’re involved with things you love. There is an unrelenting force inside of you that can help you rise up from those challenges that might make you feel as if you’ve been knocked out. Trust in it.

Virgo – You are a trendsetter, you are focused and grounded. You can become your own worst enemy because you understand the darkest sides of human nature. Where others see Victory, you see weaknesses and failure. Understand that your words can come across as harsh, so do not use them on yourself. Learn to admire and respect you; your accomplishments are not in vain and the world truly does admire and respect you. Virgo, you set the pace for your friends, everyone sees what wonders you produce, how easily you carry yourself with dignity and class. Do not fight yourself.

Libra – You are the diplomat, you are revered and respected. Another Cardinal force that is misunderstood. The Libra is ruled by the kindness the Aries has a tough time to display. You are controlled, you are cool, calm and collected. You can change the opinions of others and will be able to wear a mask that is unbreakable. No one will know who you are, no one will understand it because you speak with words dripped in honey and strike with a weapon that can rival the other signs. Libra can literally destroy with kindness, so do not let others think any less of you.

Scorpio – You are the power, the transformation and strength. Scorpio initiates and destroys mercilessly. You understand what it means to come back after experiencing defeat. This is the sign that should not allow what others say or do impact them or let it corrupt them emotionally. You are the fighter, ruled by Pluto and Mars, you know what it means to go into battle and win. The tactical side of the Scorpio should be revered.

Sagittarius – You are the philosopher, the idealist and the champion. No one can match what you have to say, you rarely hide behind anyone because you are confident enough in your mind. Sagittarius loves the challenges because it is ruled by Fire and this element loves to be tested. They will usually come out victorious in anything they are involved with because they can be stubborn. We admire your mind and spirit, Sagittarius. Keep fighting.

Capricorn – You are meticulous, hardworking and persistent. There are times when you can become your own worst enemy. Remember that you are always at the top, you can make it there with your perseverance and deep down you know you were placed on this Earth to achieve greatness. Do not allow self-doubt to cloud your judgment, you are doing wonderful things. Like the Virgo, you can become your worst enemy, falling into traps of self-doubt. Resist the urge and keep going. Keep your mind on the prize and continue to triumph. Capricorn is excellence and power, you know how to use both in subtle ways.

Aquarius – You are an enigma, revolutionary and unbreakable. The spirit of the Aquarius is that of permanent changes and social transformations. Aquarius fights the good fight on an intellectual and physical realm. No one can match your wit and your endurance. Your dreams are magnificent and with your visions, you can change the social norms. Your philosophy can change or break minds, your actions can help us understand what it means to see the limits. This sign fits well with the alpha and omega, you’re on the brink of understanding the cosmos and restructuring them.

Pisces – You are a fighter, misunderstood but reliable. The escapist Pisces needs to believe in themselves. Their fight is within and those cannot see what goes on in their mind and heart. The Pisces might be seen as a weak force, but deep down they are ready to take on any challenge in a more covert way. Pisces picks their battles to ensure that they will gain victory. You are the master illusionist, the weaver of dreams and the traveler of the darkest realms. No one can think like you or understand you because you transcend them. Your battle scars are unseen and you never let those know what you’ve been through, instead you opt to give them an innocent smile to fool them all.

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