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Tell us the truth: you are one of the scariest zodiac signs in the entire zodiac, right? Don’t bother to deny: today’s horoscope ranking will reveal it in any case!

Can you move silently like a cat and suddenly appear behind people’s backs?
Are you able to sit still and motionless for hours, so much so that sometimes people forget that you are in the room with them and, above all, that you are still listening to them?

Well, or rather, bad! You could be in today‘s horoscope chart: we thought we’d ask the stars and planets to warn us of all those people … downright creepy. Sorry: if there is also your zodiac sign in the ranking, we will be forced to take the necessary measures!

The most disturbing zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: let’s find out immediately if you are in today’s ranking

Some people can’t help but be creepy: they probably don’t even realize they are creepy in the eyes of others!
Fortunately (for all those who are not ) we have decided to ask the stars and planets to tell us which are the most disturbing signs of the zodiac.

Fortunately, we can always count on the horoscope!
Here are the five most disturbing or scary zodiac signs of all: we hope not to find yours, too!

Aries: fifth place

Controversial, always ready to create a problem out of nowhere, and with eyes and ears always open.
Dear Aries, haven’t you just realized that others are afraid of you?

Aries are those people who can keep your comment or judgment for months or years and then withdraw it out in the worst moments.
Their purpose in life is almost to destroy anyone they don’t like: it’s no surprise, then, that people who hang out with them think they can be truly creepy!

Virgo: fourth place

Always and only focus on one goal, those born under the sign of Virgo easily pass over everything and everyone.
They are really scary when they want: their way of doing it is so direct and precise that we cannot help but find them a little disturbing!

The Virgin is a sign that she does not have time for “fuss”: she does not worry about how others are and will always do everything to achieve “victory”.
You can expect her to have a real archive on you: she who knows if she could ever serve, in any case, the Virgin has it ready!

Pisces: third place

As? Are the sweetest and most tender Pisces in the ranking of the most disturbing zodiac signs of all? What happens? (To quote a now vintage Morgan, since Sanremo has just finished).
Dear Pisces, you know very well that you are truly creepy when you want: it almost seems to make you have fun!

Pisces are people who speak very little: their smiles and their raised eyebrows can hide a lot!
There is nothing to do: the way they do it is downright creepy and can give you cold shivers down your spine!

Sagittarius: second place

Sagittarius also seems like a big surprise to us: what does it do in the ranking of the most disturbing zodiac signs of all?
You can see you’ve never really dealt with a Sagittarius – not only can they be truly elusive and pop up behind you when you least imagine it.
They are also definitely… bad!

Or rather, we don’t want to say bad: it’s just that, from Sagittarius, you would never expect certain attitudes that instead, unfortunately, often peep out!
The reason is that Sagittarians are incredibly independent and end up being real lone wolves.

Wolves aren’t bad, that’s true, but certainly few of us would love to find one in the bedroom!
Sagittarius is like this: he can scare when he wants!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of the most disturbing zodiac signs

Dear Capricorn, we are sorry to have to tell you that you are the most disturbing of the whole horoscope!
You are simply too cold and aloof for others to feel comfortable around you!

Let’s start with the most harmless things: not only do you refuse to make conversation when you are among others but you are also very good at prolonging silences indefinitely.
Anyone would feel uncomfortable while Capricorn would not, indeed! You like to watch others and see them ” break ” under pressure: you almost seem to like it!

Let’s not talk about relationships and the like: Capricorns can show a truly frightening coldness. Even though we know that you have felt deep down in your heart, it is very difficult for others to realize it. You look like real… heartless!

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