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Love Horoscope For The Week Of August 28 – September 3, 2023.

We end the month of August with a Full Moon in Pisces on the 30th, while Venus and Mercury continue retrograde in Virgo, and Uranus begins retrograde in Taurus on August 29. Mars has arrived in Libra, bringing a little relaxation. These transits had a major impact in the following period.

The love horoscope is therefore full of surprises for the week of August 28 – September 3, 2023. When the planets move retrograde or direct, their energy is strongly accentuated, and what they symbolize tends to be amplified a million times. Uranus is one of the titans of astrology. He represents unpredictable changes, sudden events, freedom, and, well, chaos.

Along with the retrogrades of Venus and Mercury, we can expect emotional storms. The Full Moon in Pisces opens the way for forgiveness and the release of great emotions. This is a sign that teaches us to look at the big picture and be grateful for the lessons we received this summer.

How to announce the week of August 28 – September 3 for each zodiac sign, according to the horoscope.


The week brings an impulse of passion and courage in the field of love. It’s time to express your feelings and act in the direction of your romantic desires. There may be an opportunity to meet someone new or to deepen the connection with the current partner. It’s the last week in which Venus is retrograde, so you can expect things to go wrong, but don’t despair if you’re having a hard time. Do not rely on anything that someone else tells you and trust in your strength.


Astrologers recommend paying more attention to stability in relationships. Communication and compromise are essential for maintaining harmony. If you are single, it can be a good time to reflect on your values ​​in love. The Full Moon that will take place in your relationship sector also brings into balance a lot of things that you probably didn’t even know were wrong. Expect many revelations and think carefully about the path you want to take in the next period.


Venus brings some drama to your relationship sector. It also tends to make waves until the last moment, when it relegates. Keep in mind that only on September 4th you will start walking directly, so be careful about what discussions you have with your life partner. If you want to avoid being hurt, postpone any important conversation you would like to open. It’s good to take care of yourself and start doing more things for yourself these days. Deep communication and exchange of ideas can open doors to a deeper connection with someone new if you are alone.


The week brings a focus on family and home. Wednesday’s Full Moon brings tears for you, and they can signify release or pain. You will certainly want to have someone with you. The emotions you experience can lead to the end of a situation that has upset you for some time. Your friends will be by your side and you will discover that you have someone to rely on. However, avoid neglecting your partner. Jealousy could arise. Find a balance between the time spent with your loved ones and the person you love. If you are single, it is not a good time to start a relationship.


Uranus has been in your vocational sector for several years, so its retrograde can be a good time to check and review what exactly has brought good into your life. Uranus is the planet of rapid and sudden changes, of freedom. How have you freed yourself in recent years in terms of your vocation? And now, with Monday’s relegation, how can you start to evolve? Opportunities are emerging to shine in the light of love. It may be the moment to make your presence felt more visibly, to stand out and show who you are.


The week brings a period of analysis and introspection in relationships. You may feel the need to clarify your feelings and make important decisions. Deepen your self-knowledge to better understand what you are looking for in love. Careful! You are extremely influenced by the Full Moon. Relationships will probably be where all the action happens. And, as you know, Full Moons are about released. What needs to be released when it comes to your closest connections? Do you need to get away from someone you know is not good for you? Or maybe it’s time to cut those ties with someone from your past. Let the emotions take over you and learn the lessons that the stars present to you.


Recently, relationships have been troubled, and for you, this is extremely serious. Now, when Venus is on the last hundred meters with the retrograde, you can do introspection exercises. What values ​​have changed for you? How do you see these connections now? What had to go, change, grow, evolve? You can meet new and interesting people or you can enjoy the time spent with friends. You will have a lot to learn, especially about yourself. Regarding the relationship with your life partner, you will need to be patient. Fortunately, Mars has arrived in your sign and helps you find your balance in love.


The week brings an atmosphere of intimacy and passion. Your love relationship is changing positively. It’s time to reveal and share your feelings with your partner. Uranus retrograde takes place in your relationship sector and can mean seriousness or commitment. You can get married, move in with your loved one, or surprise yourself with a ring. All these things happen at the most appropriate moment and you will feel truly fulfilled if such a move takes place in your relationship. In addition, it is a very good week to spend time with friends or family. If you are alone, go out on dates, because your soulmate is close.


Venus retrogrades through your travel and personal development sector. If you have recently sought to evolve and reached new spiritual dimensions, now is the peak. You will be able to find out the answers to some questions that have been grinding your soul for a long time. It would be good that this week (and the next month, for that matter) you make decisions with your heart because your instinct is extremely strong. The stars offer you an opening to new horizons in love. Adventure and interactive learning are about to guide you. If you are single, you attract the attention of people with broad visions and high aspirations.


The next few days will be important to form closer relationships with the family. You need stability and security in love. It can be a good time to strengthen your existing relationships. Wednesday’s Full Moon is a peak moment for your emotions. You don’t have to be strong all the time. It’s okay to let your feelings surface. It is necessary. You may need to make important decisions that will matter a lot in your future. Rely on your life partner and don’t leave him out of these major moments. You need support, and he will prove to you that he is by your side.


Have you felt the retrograde of Venus intensely lately? Maybe you fell in love with the wrong person. Maybe you went back to your ex-boyfriend. Maybe you and your lover simply couldn’t understand each other. Maybe you doubted things at every step. Nothing. This week is the perfect opportunity to analyze how things are going for you emotionally but in the most honest way. Be honest with yourself and you will find out which are the exact sectors in which you should make changes.


The week is marked by sensitivity and empathy. Give and receive love with an open heart. You may be attracted to people who share your deep feelings and who understand you unusually well. All this thanks to the Full Moon that takes place in your sign and is here to give you important lessons. It’s time to let go of your efforts to see how far you’ve come in these last few months. Some relationships may have to be abandoned in an attempt to find yourself. It’s hard. Reality is never easy, especially considering that you are a sign so strongly touched by the stars on a sentimental level. Find the magic and mystery in your life, because through them you will be able to develop emotionally.

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