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3 signs are about to witness the epilogue of their love story. They lived unstable relationships now they will experience the ultimate breakup.

“Love is beautiful while it lasts” goes a proverb. For today’s ranking signs, love will bring pain and suffering and somehow also a feeling of liberation. The last few months have been characterized by turbulence, quarrels, fights that have not led to new meeting points.

Sometimes arguing serves to reconnect, to push the couple to find their own reasons to continue their life project together. Other times the turbulent relationships become exasperating to the point of pushing the couple to a definitive separation. This is the case with today’s ranking signs that will take different directions after the summer holidays.

These marks will leave in August

According to astrologers, three signs are likely to end their relationship in the coming days. Conflicts dated or born unexpectedly will cause a painful as well as definitive break. By the end of August there will be no more chance for them to recover.

Here are the three signs of the zodiac that will have to prepare to experience the end of summer as a single:


Scorpio is among the signs that he will experience a major sentimental disappointment in August. Particularly moody and critical, he will tend to be a petulant companion even during the summer holidays, which will cause his partner to lose patience. His discomfort is due to his dissatisfaction as a couple, he feels that something is missing and that there is not the right person for him next to him. This results in hurtful words, lack of affection and emotional closure. He will blame everything on his partner and make him feel ungrateful.


In August many things will change for the sign of Virgo. Virgo will say they feel neglected and blame the partner for not knowing how to value her values. For a few days this sign will remain in a cocoon of her and she will analyze all the doubts that assail him. Eventually he will decide that it is time to end the relationship fed up with the tension. This time the Virgin, unlike the others, will decide not to reconsider her decision.


The last place in the ranking of the signs that will be left in August belongs to the Aquarius. This sign had a lot of expectations about the partner, convinced that they were living a magical relationship with their other half. Unfortunately, he realized that he had idealized the relationship and after having justified a situation that is every day more exasperating, the time has finally come to accept the bitter truth that the partner’s character is not compatible with his own. The Aquarius will come to the point of putting the partner to the ultimate test knowing already that it will be an opportunity to definitively close.

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