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These Four Indices Indicate the Best F**k Pals

These 4 signs are perfect as friends but also for a little bit action on the side.

Are you one of them?


They are twins and there are two sides to them. One side is there for you when you need a friend and the other side is there for you when you need to blow off some steam.

Most people don’t like this kind of relationship status, but Gemini is not like other people. This is their area of expertise—they will get by like fish in the water.

Gemini are a great f**k buddies because they will be there for you if you need someone to get down with or just to talk with but they won’t overstay their welcome. They know where to draw the line.


They will make sure you know what your relationship status is. They will sit you down at the beginning of your relationship to clarify any uncertainties you might have. Libras like to have everything under control and they certainly don’t want you to get mixed messages.

If you, by any chance, want something more from a relationship with a Libra which is outside f**k buddy zone, a Libra will be honest with you and turn you down politely.

It also helps to know that they hate being alone and that they love to have a friend with some sexy time on the side.


Sags are usually very energetic and curious. They are up for anything—including these kinds of relationships. They know how to handle any given situation. So, if things get out of control, they will use their sense of humor to put everything back into its place without anyone being hurt.

Sags won’t withhold anything during sex because they know it’s just sex—no feelings involved, just for fun.

These people are free-spirited and these kind of relationships are the best for them because they hate commitment and the feeling of getting ‘suffocated’.


Capricorn have mastered f**k buddy relationships—there is no one better at it than they are. They are usually very all-together and mature enough to decide whether they ‘like-like’ someone or they just want a piece of the action on the side.

As soon as their buddy starts mentioning dating and fancy dinners, Capricorns are out. They know why they choose to be in that kind of relationship in the first place and it’s—sex, nothing else.

Even if a Capricorn starts developing feelings for his or her buddy, he or she will use self-control because that was not what they wanted in the beginning. They will always stay true to themselves.

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