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These Four Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Real Liars!

Even though you can’t lump all members of a Chinese zodiac sign together, there are still some characteristics that groups of people born under the same zodiac sign have in common. These personality traits include some that are characterized by their ability to lie and manipulate those around them. Learn about these four Chinese zodiac signs that are true liars!


It is not surprising that the Monkey is at the top of the list of liars in the Chinese zodiac. Intellectual, curious, and cunning, this sign often tends to use its sharp mind to make up absurd stories or manipulate others to avoid problems. People with the monkey zodiac sign can be very convincing and win over their listeners with charm and humor. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dishonest; they simply learned to use tricks to achieve their goals.

Sources Of Lying In Monkeys

  • Jealousy: The Monkey is competitive and hates losing. Therefore, he will stop at nothing to tip the balance in his favor.
  • Intellect: Since the monkey is extremely intelligent, he always calculates several moves in advance and does not shy away from lying to get to his goal.
  • Social fluidity: The monkey can adapt to different situations and social relationships. He may use lies to fit in with the crowd or to be accepted by a group.


Recognized for its wisdom and magnetism, the Snake represents another Chinese zodiac animal known for its ability to lie with ease. Thanks to their power of seduction, people born in Snakes can envelop their interlocutors in a fog of mystery and fascination, allowing them to obscure the truth at will. Observant and intuitive, the Snake can also play with the feelings of others to manipulate them.

Motives For Lying To The Snake

  • Power: The Snake likes to be in control and cannot stand the authority of others, so it uses lies to manipulate or put those in charge in their place.
  • Hiding Intentions: Careful about maintaining their image, the Snake will often use a lie to hide their true desires or thoughts.
  • Avoiding problems: As an expert in diplomacy, the Snake sometimes prefers to make up stories to avoid having to deal with unpleasant situations.


Perceived as a natural leader, the Rooster shines with his self-confidence and his ability to put himself in the spotlight. As a great stage player, he does not shy away from lying or exaggerating reality to gain the admiration and recognition of those around him. The Rooster’s eloquence allows him to persuade with ease, but be careful: inaccuracies may be hidden behind his fiery speeches.

Reasons For Lying To The Rooster

  • Image: The Rooster’s main goal is to project a good image of itself, and to this end, retaliation is often embellished.
  • Ambition: Endowed with great ambition, the Rooster may conceal information or slander others to climb the career ladder and achieve the prestige he seeks.
  • Procrastination: The sometimes lazy Rooster may procrastinate on his duties and use lies to give the impression of being active and efficient.


As a loyal and courageous sign, the dog can seem like a person who can be trusted. However, because he is hypersensitive and attached to his freedom, he does not hesitate to lie to preserve his emotional well-being or peace of mind. His playful temperament also leads him to distort reality for fun.

Factors Behind Lying In Dogs

  • Independence: Darling and very protective of his independence, the dog is willing to use tricks to gain more freedom or autonomy.
  • Anxiety: To calm his worries and mask his vulnerability, the dog would tend to lie to appear confident and solid.
  • Self-defense: In the event of a conflict or potential threat, the dog feels compelled to resort to a lie to protect its interests and those of those around it.

Ultimately, each Chinese zodiac sign has its reasons and motivations for lying or manipulating others, but these four signs in particular stand out as true liars. Being aware of these specifics will help you better understand these people and their intentions. We are all a mixture of different influences, experiences, and upbringing.

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