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Do you happen to know one of the always sulky zodiac signs? If the answer is no, you could be in today’s horoscope ranking!

Do you like to keep a snout?
This seems like a rhetorical question because no one, ever, would think to answer that yes, he is happy to always have a long snout and a pout on his face … right? Today we decided to prepare a horoscope ranking that includes all those zodiac signs which, instead, are real Grumbles. How about: do you think you will find someone you know in the rankings or will your zodiac sign be among the top positions?

The always sulky zodiac signs: find out if you are in today’s horoscope ranking

Arms crossed, grim look, a pout on the face, and a black cloud that accompanies them wherever they go.
Certainly, the identikit of the always sulky zodiac signs is not the best, is it? Come on, you also know that, in life, you happened to know someone who is always (but always) sulky.

Today, therefore, we have decided to draw up a horoscope ranking that helps us to understand which are the always sulky zodiac signs (and perhaps also why). This way, knowing that your colleague of that sign is one of the always sulky zodiac signs, you will avoid throwing him a surprise party or simply speaking to him before he has had coffee. So, are you ready to find out what are the top five positions of today’s ranking?

Aquarius: fifth place

Yes, that those born under the sign of Aquarius are in today’s ranking, that of the always sulky zodiac signs, may perhaps be a surprise.
How is it possible that Aquarians are always sulky: are they not kind people and ready to go out of their way for others?

The answer to this question is yes but, perhaps, precisely for this reason the Aquarius never stop, incessantly, to grumble.
Masters in the passive-aggressive, Aquarius certainly have no way of restraining themselves: their sulking is always present when you least expect it!

Scorpio: fourth place

Scorpios, on the other hand, are definitely at home in today’s horoscope ranking. Especially when it comes to work and personal fulfillment, you can be sure that the Scorpio will, always and in any case, keep a pretty good pout. This, of course, when things go wrong: we wish you, therefore, to know the Scorpios always and only at a good time for them!

When worried or unhappy about something (from a cold to a missed opportunity), Scorpios can walk around for months with a pout on their face.
Things that happened months or even years before still influence their way of doing things: they are almost scary!

Aries: third place

Aries are people capable of sulking always and in any case for a reason that may seem truly futile. (And maybe, a little, it is).
For Aries, it becomes particularly difficult to manage situations in which they do not have the complete interest and attention of their friends, acquaintances, and partners.
If you know an Aries you know that this is reality: maybe you go out with them because they have proposed it to the point of exhaustion but as soon as you get out if you become more ” protagonists ” of the Aries the evening will certainly end badly.

Those born under this sign are people capable of sulking and carrying it for months if you steal the show. They can’t see you as a companion but only ever as a threat. Attention, then, when they sulk even at home: who knows what they can say about you!

Leo: second place

Dear Leos, we know very well that in your opinion you never sulk and that, on the contrary, you are absolutely pleasant and not annoying people.
The reality of the facts, unfortunately, is very different, especially for all those people who know Leo well or who live in close contact with him.
Let’s start with the family: Leos always sulk in the family because they often feel trapped by family relationships.

Let’s move on to friends: for Leos, friends are fundamental and must always be available to help them. (To be honest, it must be said that Leos are always,  always, available for their friends). If you don’t respond even to a message from a Leo at a critical moment, rest assured that you will never see a smile from him again!

We end up with love, personal fulfillment, and work: it seems that someone forces the Lion to do all these things and that he has to carry them out with a pout on his face by contract. Dear Leo, we understand: you are the most punk in the zodiac but smile at least once in a while!

Taurus: first place in the ranking of always sulky zodiac signs

Hey, dear Taurus, don’t make your pout even more serious: you are at the top of the ranking of always sulky zodiac signs because it is impossible to see you with a smile! (Or almost, come on: we don’t want to rage too much).

Those born under the sign of Taurus, are people who have no problem making the whole world understand when they are angry.
Waking up early in the morning? A nightmare. Go to work? We don’t talk about it in the slightest. Not even find a pair of jeans in your size? A tragedy of unspeakable proportions. Taurus
are like this: they always pout ready and able to freeze everyone.

Dear Taurus, maybe it’s time to stop making others weigh every little thing that went wrong in your day.
When you smile or you are happy and relaxed the world smiles with you: your pout makes you see everything darker!

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