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These Are The 4 BIGGEST Hustlers Of The Zodiac

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Before you dig in to find out who are the biggest hustlers of the zodiac, you should know that you mustn’t believe a word these people say!

They will take advantage of you in any imaginable way—s’ual, emotional, and romantic.

So, let’s see who are the ones you have to stay away from.


They usually have two different personalities. They are not called Gemini in vain. So, one side of them is the good side and the other side is the manipulative and crooked side.

Now, you never know to whom you’re talking —to the good Gemini or to the manipulative evil Gemini?

Because the manipulative one is so good at what he does, you would easily mistake him for the good one.

They are master manipulators of speech and emotions. They are very smart and it’s not a problem for them to set people up—it amuses them.

They will play you like a fool but not to hurt you—just to establish who has the power.

And you should know right from the start it’s them. The fact that you are hurt is a matter of casual collateral damage. Their aim is something much bigger than you.

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They are shameless liars. They won’t hesitate in lying to you, no matter the situation you’re in—or the place. They will lie all the time—they can’t help it.

They have the ability of conning people and they can con one person and do it for years.

They have no shame when it comes to asking money from you and lying about why they need it.

Don’t be surprised if you lent some money to a Cancer for the electricity bill and the next day you see him or her in a new outfit—they won’t care that you totally see through what they are doing.

They will continue lying to you.

They are even ready to lie that they are dying just to get what they want—and they don’t have any regrets for doing so.

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Leos are real narcissists. They just go ahead and assume that everything they do is perfect and everyone is going to love it. They think they are flawless and the best there can be.

They will hustle you and take your possessions and money, and they will enjoy it so hard.

They think they are so adorable that no one can resist them and therefore, no one can be mad at them.

They think that’s the reason why they get away with it—their cuteness.

Out of these 4 signs, they are the lousiest hustlers. They have a problem with overdoing anything.

When they hustle someone they try too hard. But being the worst hustlers among these 4 doesn’t mean they are not on the list and that they don’t try.

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Aquarius are real cutthroat b**ches. They will take advantage of whomever, whenever they can.

They do not choose. As far as money extortion is concerned, they are not in it for the money—they are in it for the game.

They like to watch you fall and struggle—really cruel.

They will make you completely believe them and then they will destroy you emotionally with the truth. And they will enjoy it.

They are the meanest hustlers of the Zodiac because they don’t play with money—they play with emotions.

When they get bored of toying with you, they will crush you.

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