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These 4 Zodiac Signs Can’t Do Casual Relationships


If you know Taurus at all, you know that they prefer comfort and stability over everything else. For them, a relationship can sometimes be a source of anxiety even when it’s more serious; throwing them into a casual relationship makes them on edge, all the time. Taurus needs to know if they’re able to rely on their partner for security and comfort. A casual relationship just doesn’t fulfill this need for Taurus, so they either find themselves clinging to something casual in the hopes that it will turn serious or just totally shutting their casual date out. If you want to romance Taurus, you should be prepared for a commitment.


Scorpio is an intense character, and they usually look for a passionate connection in their romantic relationships. They want a relationship that’s deep and meaningful. In a casual relationship, they just won’t find that. Scorpio’s walls only really come down once they feel they can completely trust and rely on their partner, which won’t usually happen for them in a casual relationship. This can make them feel closed off to casual partners, denying Scorpio the emotional experience they truly want in a relationship. For many Scorpios, dating no one is better than dating casually.


It’s probably no surprise that Cancer, a sign that values sentimentality and close connections with loved ones, isn’t good at casual relationships. They’re the kind of sign who would get into a casual relationship and quickly develop serious feelings, often leading to them getting hurt. They sometimes have trouble setting boundaries and saying no to people, especially those they admire. But Cancer often struggles to deal with the idea of forming a connection with someone that never really goes anywhere.


Libra is a mediator at heart, which means they like to know exactly what’s going on at all times. They’re not comfortable with ambiguity; they want things to be clear right away. Casual relationships often come with a sense of uncertainty that Libra just doesn’t appreciate; Libra tends to prefer definitive relationships. They want the long-term stability and emotional security that comes, for Libra, only when they make a more serious commitment. Otherwise, they may struggle to express themselves and their needs – if they feel that they’re risking the entire relationship every time they speak up for themselves, it will never work out. This is why Libra isn’t usually very good at keeping things casual.

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