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You’re freshly in love, floating on cloud nine – and then that! Your new crush is an Aquarius and therefore a pretty tough caliber.

Aquarians are not only freedom-loving and feel constricted in a flash, they also bring a whole host of other qualities that can end any relationship faster than you can take off those pink glasses. Because as creative, cosmopolitan and determined Aquarians are, the more they drive their partner crazy with their rebellious nature, their enormous fear of commitment and bizarre individuality. They consider themselves the greatest and quickly mutate into a snob.

Aquarians are not for nest builders

A survey by the online dating portal “Plenty of Fish” also showed that it is better to keep your hands off Aquarius. Accordingly, Aquarians are quite incapable of having a long relationship at all. Not a rosy outlook for those who have fallen for an Aquarius and long for nest building and family.

A spark of hope remains

But there is also a glimmer of hope! Namely a few examples that show that even the wildest Aquarius can be tamed. Who would have thought that die-hard bachelors like singer Robbie Williams (43) or Hollywood star Christian Bale (43) would one day come under the hood and give a rocker life swap changing tables? Robbie has been married to Ayda Field (37) for six years and has two children with her. And all of this without cheating escapades or scandals. Christian Bale can even top that: He has lived with ex-model Sibi Blažić (46) for 16 years in a harmonious marriage and gave his loved one two children.

So there are a few examples of the Aquarians with which one can be happy for the rest of life.

Click Here The #1 Reason Men Lose Interest In Women They Love.

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