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These 4 zodiac signs are particularly self-critical

Pursue your goals with confidence and don’t care what others might think of you. In the eyes of many, this is desirable and is also consciously demonstrated. But what is really going on in the minds of those who, without looking to the right or left, follow their path and sometimes injure others. Do they really feel that great or do they sometimes get self-criticized? The following zodiac signs reflect and analyze your actions particularly often.


The down-to-earth Taurus likes to get things done. But he doesn’t feel comfortable at all when he realizes that he has turned those around him against him. “It really should have been” then runs through his head. And to make up for his “mistakes” quickly, he comes up with some nice surprises to appease.


Aquarius may seem arrogant and distant at times, but they cannot avoid thinking carefully about their actions. As the quick thinker under the zodiac signs, he of course quickly notices if someone resents him. But he quickly gets over any unpleasant sensations – until he then looks in the mirror at home and would like to slap himself.


Of course, the fish should not be missing from the particularly self-critical zodiac signs. Empathically and emotionally, they quickly notice when they have screwed up. In contrast to the bull, it says here “what have I done” and for all the mea culpa a fish would like to withdraw completely from the world – at least for a while. Once that zodiac sign has exercised enough self-criticism, it comes out quickly to put things right. It’s called courage.


The open and direct shooter often makes a mistake with his comments. Most of the time it does not notice this, but when he constantly meets insulted, dark faces, he begins to think intensively about what he has done so bad. And then the shooter can think of a lot of details that encourage self-criticism. With him it says “… disc glue, can I get it back?”

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