Your Biggest Addictions Based On Your Zodiac Sign


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Each zodiac sign has certain defining traits which say a lot about what they are obsessive about and dependent on. When you see what these attributes are, you can understand a lot about each sign’s behaviour. These addictions, which are emotional, mental, and even physical, have an immense bearing on a sign’s choices in life, determining why they do what they do. So, if you want to understand each sun sign better, knowing what they fixate on might help unravel the secret to why they are the way they are!

Aries: Thrill

Whether it is the thrill of drama in their relationship, the thrill of adventure sports, or the thrill of chasing something they can’t have, an Aries lives for that excitement. Does it always work out in their favour? Of course not. They live for the thrill of things going wrong, too!

Taurus: Sleeping

Taurus isn’t lazy, but this sign needs plenty of rest to recharge after keeping up with the pace of the world. After spending hours caught up in everyone else’s mess, they are prone to spending whatever free time they have snoozing away, away from all the drama.

Gemini: Blabbering

Given the chance, Gemini could speak from dusk till dawn, often repetitively and confusing, going around in circles and thinking out loud. This sign might have the gift of the gab, but they also tend to be addicted to expressing themselves by speaking, or feeling suffocated.

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Cancer: Their mom

Cancer can love their mom, hate their mom, or both, but she definitely takes up a huge chunk of this sign’s life, and they cannot do without their mothers. Whether it is talking to her constantly through the day, or complaining about her, Cancer is obsessive about their mother.

Leo: Attention

Leo did not just get out of bed to have a normal day where no one pays extra attention to them. Whether it is by creating elaborate stories about their complicated life, or by outlining their achievements till the world is forced to acknowledge them, Leo does everything to get noticed.

Virgo: Work

Virgo finds meaning in life through service, duty, and work. Even though it worries and tires this sign to the point of neurosis, they’re addicted to the gratification they get from doing their job, and even thrive on complaining about their work. It’s their whole life!

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Libra: Sugar

While Libra loves sweetness and geniality, they’re also prone to getting addicted to literal sugar. This Venus-ruled signed has a taste for the finer things in life, and sometimes their sweet tooth can tip their scales out of balance as they eat their feelings through macarons and eclairs.

Scorpio: S_-

Predictably enough, Scorpio, a sign known for being over-s_-ual, is addicted to s_-. They are so intense and passionate that they connect best with their physical partners, not friends or family. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this sign’s love language is actually s_-!

Sagittarius: Newness

Sagittarius enjoys change if it brings the thrill of something new and refreshing. It gives them a reason to look forward to something and be excited, so they go from job to job, partner to partner, and city to city in search of new horizons.

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Capricorn: Pain

Sado-masochistic Capricorn has a complex connection with pain. They can never let go of bad influences, people who hurt them, or situations they know won’t end well because of their affinity to pain. They feel the best things cost you happiness and peace, and therefore stay this way.

Aquarius: Solitude

No matter how hard the friendly Aquarian tries to mingle and mix with their favourite buddies, they can’t stop feeling like they’re better of alone. As one of the loners of the zodiac, this sign always feels like an alien, and prefers solitude to the point that it messes up their relationships.

Pisces: Alcohol

According to astrology, Pisces, since it is one of the water signs, is especially vulnerable to getting addicted to alcohol–much more than Cancer and Scorpio. This sign loves escaping reality and feeling happy instead of feeling pain, so they like to drink their sorrows away.

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