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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst November 2023

When a new month approaches, many of us hope that it will be a carefree time. Fortunately, this is usually the case. But sometimes we are also put to one or two tests – from an astrological perspective, this applies especially to three zodiac signs in November 2023. The constellation of the planets creates a lot of challenges in the penultimate month of the year and the zodiac signs have to prove themselves in certain situations before things get better again. For whom could November be difficult? The horoscope has the answer.



Overall, the coming weeks don’t look so bad for Taurus. Venus gives the Earth sign a lot of security and nice moments and things aren’t going badly at work either – if it weren’t for those annoying dry spells in between. They cause boredom and frustration for Taurus in November and often make him question his current position. After all, the ambitious zodiac sign wants to move forward and not stand still. Important: Perseverance is required now, dear Taurus! Don’t let the little breaks in between rob you of your good mood. Mars rushes to the side at the end of the month and gives you a boost again, then you can still complete many things successfully.


As the saying goes: the smarter one gives in. And that’s exactly what Gemini should keep in mind over the next few weeks. Of course, you don’t have to give in to everything, but in some situations, it can help you move forward faster than if you try with all your might to insist on your rights. Use your communication skills and your creativity, dear Gemini, to find a way out of situations if things don’t work out the way you imagine this month. Even with detours, you can reach your destination and from December onwards many things could go back to your wishes.

3. LEO

Leos are put to the test in November and unfortunately have to accept some of the challenges that come their way in everyday life. The reason for this is not Mercury retrograde, as the fire sign might think, but rather Uranus ensuring that not everything goes smoothly. The otherwise imaginative zodiac sign will sometimes get in its way in the next few weeks because it wants to achieve too much at once. There’s only one thing to do: do one thing at a time, dear Leo. Practice patience and allow yourself to take short breaks now and then. Soon success will come to you again almost by itself.

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