The stars reveal who are the 3 signs that have innate divinatory powers. They can foresee the future, they are clairvoyant.

Nobody knows what tomorrow holds for us except them. According to astrologers, 3 signs belonging to the zodiac possess the gift of clairvoyance. Their future is not uncertain.

Belonging to a zodiac sign means having specific innate characteristics. 3 zodiac signs seem to have the power to predict the future. To understand the concept of clairvoyance it is good to specify that in astrology there are two types of mediumship: mental and physical. In the first case, the medium acts as an intermediary and communicates with the afterlife, in the second case the medium relies on the five senses as well as on his conscience to communicate. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are part of mental mediumship. Find out who the 3 clairvoyant signs of the zodiac are.

These 3 zodiac signs have the gift of clairvoyance

Many people, more and more in recent years, define themselves as professional mediums and claim to bill a lot. If these people are very popular it is because the reasons for which one decides to use a medium are many. Our daily life is gripped by doubt, by fears of making wrong choices, by despair, or as well as by the constant desire to give meaning to one’s life. The use of a medium does not change according to culture, religion, social status. Each person feels free to believe in clairvoyance or not.

Statistics support the theory that many people believe in the fact that there are individuals with divinatory abilities such as clairvoyance and the stars have pronounced on the zodiac signs more prone to possess this gift:


The sign of Pisces is extremely sensitive, open-minded, and wise. These characteristics allow it to act as a bridge to an alternate universe and to deliver messages from these universes and live paranormal experiences. Pisces are very intuitive and often express their emotions through artistic productions. Their sixth sense coupled with their mysticism allows them to see their surroundings.


The sign of Scorpio is among the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. Passionate and spiritual, they are introverted only when they do not fully trust their interlocutors. Scorpios are fully aware of the polarity of the universe and are constantly in search of truth and to do so they are not afraid to enter the darkness. Also, thanks to their innate courage and their fondness for recklessness, the natives of this sign are not afraid to thoroughly examine the darkness of others, something that no other sign would dare to do.


The natives of Cancer are very empathic and it is easy for them to perfectly understand the emotions felt by those in front of them. Cancer can capture perceptions that are imperceptible to others and read every vibration of the body. The gift of seeing and understanding the feelings of others is very rare as is the ability to synchronize with the different phases of the moon.

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