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These 3 zodiac signs always keep secrets to themselves

Things that you don’t like to talk about because they are embarrassing or cast a bad light on you can be very troublesome for a person. How good it is when you find someone you can trust wholeheartedly and with whom the secret seems safe. But trust-look-whom – who has such a good character that he keeps what is entrusted to him for himself. The following 3 zodiac signs can keep your mouth shut.

Scorpio (October 24th – November 24th)

The zodiac sign Scorpio is a secrets agent like he is in the book . Like hardly any other sign of the zodiac, it takes great care to whom it entrusts something. Usually the Scorpio takes longer to gain confidence in someone. But even then it is almost certain that he will not reveal his innermost feelings and most secret thoughts. His mistrust runs deep and there are also disappointments, then it can be assumed that a Scorpio-born would rather take his secrets with him to the grave than share them with others.

Pisces (February 20th – March 20th)

Fish are also good keepers of secrets. Naturally empathetic and sensitive, this zodiac sign knows without many words when to shut up and carefully guard the secrets entrusted to it. There is hardly anything that Pisces cannot imagine. So you can come to them with the strangest things without being judged by them. Even bad secrets are safe with them, like with a confessor.

Leo (23.07. – 23.08.)

Despite his self-confident “oops-here-come-I” mentality or maybe because of it, a Leo born is very good at keeping secrets to himself. He doesn’t want to disappoint the trust placed in him, because as a magnanimous and proud zodiac sign he is used to seeing his fellow men open their hearts to him. There is no question that the lion does not want to show himself as a lousy traitor, but as a first-rate confidante. He defends a secret with tooth and nail.

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