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What Kind Of Drunk You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 2022


Since you are a competitor, you are unable to resist the urge to win at drinking games. And as soon as you’re drunk enough, your tongue kicks in.

You only say the truth and nothing but the truth. Other than that, when you’re drunk you’re a lot of fun.

The others just have to be vigilant because if they can’t face the truth, it is better if they are not in your company after you have had a few drinks.


No matter how cowardly your friends are, you know how to unleash them. With you, drinking is more than fun.

You make your friends laugh with your fun, goofy demeanor or spend the night on the dance floor, making sure everyone around you is having a great time.


When you’re drunk, you do anything. One moment you’re with a group of friends and the next, they can’t find you.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you would wake up in the woods next to your home, rather than in your bed.

You are usually not very talkative, but after a few drinks you cannot be silenced.

You would open up to anyone who would be polite enough to listen to you.


Alcohol only brings out your emotionality.

You are more than likely to end the night crying, the question is why you will cry: because of your wonderful or depressing day.

Either it will be tears of anger because you just ran into your ex with someone else, or it will be because you saw the cutest puppy in the world on the street.


When you drink, the top poster is just for you.

You storm the dance floor and pretend you’re the best dancer in the world.

Your confidence is attractive, whether you are a good dancer or not! One of your other weaknesses when you’re drunk is flirting.

You can’t resist an innocent little flirtation.

Of course, you would never cross the line if you were in a relationship, but you like to know how far things could go.


THE DRAGGER !! When you’re drunk, you flirt with no pressure and do it perfectly.

You are able to seduce someone with a single gesture. Best of all, people don’t even notice you’re drunk.

But your relationship to drunkenness can take another turn: vulgarity. It’s one or the other !


Libras are extremely social and the soul of any party, but they don’t know when to stop drinking.

They have no limits. Finally, if, when they pass out in the bathroom and are then forced to go home!


An evening with you is unpredictable, a real roller coaster. No one knows what can happen or how you will react; it all depends on your level of drunkenness.

Most of the time, you don’t really care what you can say and who you can say it to.

If you offend someone, you would never apologize; not even the next day. But be sure people will be overwhelmed by your brilliant and sarcastic jokes.


You love to make people laugh when you’re drunk. Your jokes are hilarious, so don’t worry!

You want to try everything that is new and go to all the places you have been advised.

Also, you don’t care what people might say or think when you make a fool of yourself.

And since you don’t care, you just get funnier and more charming.


When you are drunk, the emotions that you had previously kept under control are released.

You are making up for all the things that you may have missed

This is why, you feel like going out and drinking with your best friends, because you know that they will take care of you and pick you up if you fall – literally, as well as figuratively!


When you’re drunk, you don’t take anything seriously. A glass of alcohol in your hands and you go crazy and also charming …

Hardly anyone can resist you. While just walking into a room is enough to get everyone’s attention, you also woo them with your speech.

It’s totally your thing.


When you drink, you dare everything. There is nothing you wouldn’t try or do.

You’re always the last one standing, unless you’ve passed out somewhere.

You create a mess almost every time you drink and things can quickly turn sour, because other people don’t want to deal with your nonsense.

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