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These 2 Zodiac Signs Have The Worst Scorpio Season 2023

Scorpio season begins on October 23rd. The mysterious water sign is known for its passion and occasional taunts, which is why it’s not exactly one of the most popular signs in the zodiac. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which represents transformation. But not all zodiac signs benefit from this influence; according to the horoscope, the Scorpio season 2023 will be a big challenge for two zodiac signs.


Energetic Aries, ruled by fire sign Mars, may encounter unexpected obstacles in Scorpio season. Plans that the zodiac sign makes have to be changed without further ado or perhaps even canceled completely. It is also important that those born in Aries deal constructively with problems and criticism and do not bottle up their anger. Otherwise, arguments are inevitable – especially in relationships.


Scorpio season 2023 will also be characterized by challenges for those born in Cancer. Physical complaints bother the zodiac sign, especially at the beginning of November – but with a lot of rest and me-time, things will soon get better again. When it comes to finances, things aren’t necessarily going well either – you should hold off on expensive purchases and new investments for now. At least things are going a little better in love – singles should go out more often again in Scorpio season.

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