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Find out which signs of the zodiac have many secrets.

In life, you know, everyone has at least one secret. Whether it’s something you prefer to keep to yourself and share only with a few trusted people or a real secret not to reveal to anyone, the particularity of keeping some aspects of your life to yourself is very common.
Of course, however, there are various types of secrets and at the same time, there are various ways to hide them. So, among the people there are those who despite everything is rather open and consequently with few mysteries about their life and others who, instead, have so many of those secrets that they can write a book.

The need to keep things for oneself and the propensity to have secrets change according to the people and are largely conditioned by the stars.
Today, therefore, after having seen which are the zodiac signs most attracted to difficult situations and which is the quality that the various signs of the zodiac have lost over time, we will discover which are the zodiac signs that among all have so many secrets and which ones, instead, they don’t have many. Since this is an aspect related to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​what you can expect from others.

Astrology: The zodiac signs that have many secrets and those that have none at all

Aries – Those who have several secrets
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who have real factories of secrets. In reality, it is not so much a question of mysteries or truths that are difficult to reveal as of lies on which, over time, they find themselves building real castles. So, even if they are open people and who love to converse and talk about themselves, in reality behind this side of their character, there is one made of secrets that they prefer to keep to themselves and who are willing to come up with if and only when. it comes in handy. It is a way of being that is often difficult for them to manage, so much so that sooner or later their secrets come out anyway. Nonetheless, they don’t seem to want to learn from their mistakes, continuing to avoid saying anything they think could

Taurus – Those who don’t have many secrets
The natives of Taurus are mostly quiet people, lovers of quiet interpersonal relationships, and in need of always having a mind free of thoughts. Having secrets is therefore really difficult for them to tolerate because it implies having to remember too many details that in the end would only lead them to a great deal of stress. Aware of this, they always prefer to be honest and avoid telling lies unless they feel constrained at the moment. Of course, people remain confidential at heart so that it can happen quite often to become aware of aspects that concern them only by chance. In these cases, however, it is mostly about omitted information and never voluntarily kept hidden. Or at least, that’s what they love to say when they find themselves trying and failing miserably.

Gemini – Those who have only a few secrets
Those born under the sign of Gemini are sunny and easygoing people, who love to be among people and who always try to tell each other at 365 degrees when they can. Their way of making it particularly difficult for them to keep secrets, especially because sooner or later they would end up revealing them. Highly emotional, they can change the way they perceive things at any moment and this poses a risk to everything they try to hide.

That said, when they can they also have little mysteries to keep to themselves but in general, these are really little things that they carefully avoid saying. If you push yourself to do so, however, they will always end up revealing them because in the end what they like most is being able to be themselves without having to worry about imposing the brakes.

Cancer – Those who have few secrets but many small omissions
The natives of Cancer are not people who do not have great secrets, especially because their way of life leads them to rarely have anything to hide. Nonetheless, they are people who are never quite sincere. Thus, they may hide thoughts or small actions that they feel are safer if not disclosed. This makes them basic people with no secrets but certainly inclined to tell lies that over time risk turning out to be even dangerous. Fortunately, this way of doing is not constant and most of the time, after a certain amount of time, they prefer to uncover themselves and say what was going through their mind at a given moment. Because of this way of doing, however, many times they fail to win the full trust of those around them.

Leo – Those who have their secrets
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who love to show themselves and tell each other and for this reason, they tend to tell everything about themselves. Nonetheless, precisely for the sake of their image, they can get to keep secrets from those around them. This is especially the case when they feel they can compromise what others think of themselves or when they know they have acted uncleanly. In these cases, they are willing to carry secrets to the end, denying even the evidence and keeping as confidential as possible about what they are trying to protect. Fortunately, they generally don’t have many secrets, and the ones they jealously guard are mostly tied to aspects of their past.

Virgo – Those who hate having secrets
Virgo natives are very closed people but also unable to keep a secret for long. When they find themselves in the situation of having to do it, they tend to get very stressed and come to feel bad. Being able to say what they hide gives them a sense of freedom that they badly need and this leads them not to know how to keep secrets about their life for a long time.

When they have to, however, they strive to do so, always looking for at least one trusted person with whom to share what distresses them. In this way, they can lighten the load and live their life with more serenity.

Libra – Those with average secrets
Those born under the sign of Libra have several secrets that can be considered more or less average. Generally, it is more about what is revealed to them than about things that concern them in the first person. In fact, for them, they love a more sincere approach and since they don’t usually surround themselves with people they don’t trust, in the end, there are very few things to keep secret about themselves.

When they find themselves with the so-called skeletons in the closet, however, they know how to build strength and carry on a secret to the end. Their constant tranquility and the security they transmit help them not to make anyone suspect anything. A quality of which they are more than aware.

Scorpio – Those Who Have Different Secrets
The natives of Scorpio are people who live in mystery and who have more secrets than you might think. There being highly reserved combined with the need to always maintain certain privacy makes them unable to reveal themselves in the round with those around them. It is a way of being that they do not hide from anyone and that should not be mistaken for a way of telling lies. From this point of view, they will always be more than sincere, even going so far as to admit that they cannot reveal certain parts of themselves. A role that he does very well is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac.

Sagittarius – Those who have no secrets
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are open and spontaneous people. Having secrets is extremely difficult and stressful for them, so much so that they always prefer to tell the truth, even at the cost of hurting others, rather than having to take notes on what they cannot reveal. However, this does not exempt them from telling lies.

When it is convenient for them they tend to omit even important details, juggling with the excuse of not remembering things every time they are unmasked. This, among other things, happens quite frequently as they often cheat on themselves because of their need to always talk to anyone.

Capricorn – Those who have several secrets
Capricorn natives have a constant need to hide things from others. To get what they want, they tend to always try to manipulate events and, when they can, even those around them. This makes them one of the most secret signs of the zodiac. Secrets that expertly mix with lies, they manage to recreate their own stories in which sooner or later they end up getting lost. As careful as they are never to admit their faults, they are easily identifiable by those who know them or by those who have learned to grasp their way of betraying themselves which is always the same and therefore recognizable.

Aquarius – Those who have no secrets
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are extremely reserved people. Nonetheless, they are not among those who have secrets. It depends on the fact that indifferent to what others may think of them, they have no interest in hiding what they think or do about their existence. Their confidentiality, however, leads them not to say many things and these over time can be perceived as secrets even if most of the time they are simply details initially omitted and later forgotten.

Pisces – Those who have many secrets
The natives of Pisces are people with such an inner world that not having secrets would be impossible for them. They generally tend to choose a person they think they can understand with whom to confide. For the rest of the world, however, they prefer to remain reserved by omitting what they consider strictly personal and avoiding going into topics they already know would not be understood.

That said, they don’t like to tell lies, and if they have to hide something they prefer to do it in the light of day. Sincerity is very important to them and goes well with their nature.

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