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The Zodiac Signs Who Love to Win, More Than Anything

Victory is something that torments so many of us, in so many ways. Some signs are truly obsessed with it, and can’t get enough of it, but do you know who we’re talking about? Do you want to know if you are one of them?

Then, all you have to do is read our article to the end, so that you can decipher and understand one of the greatest human obsessions, ever. But let’s go in order and let’s start with the first one on the list. We leave immediately.


We could only start with him, the lion, that sign that if he doesn’t win a challenge, a race, or a job, he sulks for two days, before diving fully into a new challenge that leads him to forget the defeat before. Well, sometimes he tends to exaggerate a bit with his mood and his behavior, but it is also true that we are talking about a person who holds himself immeasurably and sees defeat in front of his eyes, feels it on his skin, and doesn’t feel great. Never. In short, it is something that he perceives more than anyone else.


And cancer? Sometimes it doesn’t seem like he’s a bit disinterested in everything that happens around him, but the truth is that he is very attentive to all the details that arise. And he exploits them to his advantage to bring home the result.


Aggressive, tenacious, determined, almost ferocious from time to time. It’s Capricorn, a sign that when he wants something, he goes right there and takes it. Victory runs in his blood, it’s in his DNA, there’s little to say, he remains one of the most determined of the zodiac.

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