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Do you really see yourself for who you are? Here is the answer to the stars.

Each of us tends to perceive ourselves differently than we usually are. This implies a background knowledge that varies according to the sense of reality that one can put into action in this process. Sense of reality is sometimes really important to make the right decisions about your life. For this reason, today, after having seen which are the signs to trust, we will find out which are the ones who know how to look at themselves as they really are.

Aries – Not much
Despite your pounding energy, you have a somewhat wrong image of yourself. In fact, you often tend to confuse your desire to do something with a strength that you do not have fully available, and that in many cases can lead you astray. Accepting your weaknesses and scaling down at least a little what you think about yourself could help you get results from life that are more in line with what you want.

Taurus – Only when you are cornered
Your resourcefulness and the will to do push you to have an image of yourself that varies according to the situation. In fact, you often find yourself suitable for things that are not really for you. Only when you are cornered do you end up admitting who you are and what you need, returning to the present and thus obtaining certainly better feedback.

Gemini – Not always
Your ability to see yourself for who you are tends to vary from day today. In some cases, you are very present and aware. In others, however, you end up seeing yourself in a completely different way. It goes without saying that practicality is always the best way as well as the one that can offer you simpler situations to live in.

Cancer – Not at all
It could be said that your sense of reality is almost absent. In fact, when you think about yourself you see yourself as very different from how you are in reality. An aspect that leads you often and willingly to make bad decisions and to repent when it is too late.

Leo – Just a little
In some ways, you seem like a person fully aware of limitations and resources. On the other hand, when you find yourself having to make decisions, you almost always end up overestimating your abilities. And although with a little effort you always manage to get out of any problems, sometimes it tires you a lot.

Virgo – Hardly ever
Being objective about yourself is not one of your main qualities. For this reason, when faced with important decisions you almost always find yourself having to choose what to do with extreme calm. The only way not to take the risk is to take the so-called stride longer than the leg.

Libra – Enough
You have an overview of yourself that is quite in line with reality. This leads you to always know how to act and not to be surprised by yourself. Of course, there are always particular situations in which you tend to lose sight of some of your limits. All in all, however, these are exceptional cases and therefore do not fall within the norm.

Scorpio – Absolutely
Probably, within the entire zodiac, yours is the most aware sign of you. You are in fact able to foresee limits and resources and all without ever making fun of yourself. At the most, in some cases, it can be said that you tend to underestimate yourself. And this leads you to easily succeed in any situation you decide to fit in.

Sagittarius – Never
The perception you have of yourself is so far from your reality that it is almost a danger. You are in fact a person who constantly needs support and to measure himself with everything that concerns him. In particular, you would need to delve into things and learn to accept that it is not enough to think you can succeed in something to really succeed.

Capricorn – Almost nothing
Maybe, in other words, you are good at making people believe you have the right perception of yourself. The reality, however, collects something else. In fact, it seems that you are not always able to measure yourself with what happens to you. And this is something you should certainly learn to work on.

Aquarius – A little
When you want to know who you are exactly and what you are going to encounter. Nonetheless, you tend to lose sight of things from time to time by launching yourself into feats that are bigger than you. Learning to work on this aspect may be what you need to live better.

Pisces – Most of the time
Figuring out who you are and where you are going is something you have been working on for a while. It can therefore be said that you are a person who can see himself for who he really is. Maybe you like to fantasize a little from time to time. But the truth is that when you need it, you always know how to field your resources constructively.

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