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Find out which signs of the zodiac most openly show jealousy and which ones prefer not to show it.

Jealousy is a feeling common to people in love. Whether you trust your partner or not, and as long as this falls within so-called normal parameters, feeling jealous when seeing the person you love next to someone else is more than normal. Indeed, in some ways, it can be said to be a symptom of love. A way to understand that you care about someone.

However, not everyone can deal with this emotion. Most people are ashamed of it and try to hide it behind all kinds of attitudes. Others almost do not realize that they appear jealous and still others do not care at all to show it, admitting it openly as they are aware that this is more than normal.
The different ways of dealing with jealousy can depend on the way you are, your life experiences, and your self-esteem. To all this is also added the influence of the stars, which greatly impacts the way of managing love and other feelings connected to it.

Today, therefore, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that are going through a moment of growth and how they communicate the various signs of the zodiac, we will discover which are the zodiac signs that openly show jealousy and which, instead, prefer not to show it. A very intimate aspect and for which it is advisable to also check the ascendant. This way you can get a clearer idea of ​​how others react.

The signs of the zodiac that most openly show jealousy

Aries – Those who show it when they think it’s important
Those born under the sign of Aries are self-confident people. For this reason, they love to make everyone around them have this image of them. In need of their own space, they try to show themselves quite liberal even in relationships and all because in this way they can guarantee their slice of autonomy. However, this does not mean that they are not jealous people. When they care about someone, they don’t like the idea of ​​sharing it with others. Manipulative ways of doing things are aimed at having all the attention of the person who interests him. Even in love, therefore, they will always do everything to show themselves calm and detached, rejecting any form of external jealousy and containing their own as much as possible. In some cases, however, this sort of mask can be tight.

When this happens, they show themselves as they are, even going crazy and staging real jealousy scenes. All this, however, only happens if they feel provoked or when they are so in love that they fear losing the person they care about.

Taurus – Those who show it quite openly
The natives of Taurus have a romantic inclination. And their particular concern for love and the person to whom they bond makes jealousy always quite present. Passionate and possessive in their way, they do not like someone else to come close to what they consider intended for them. When this happens, then there is no problem in showing what they think. The result is severe attitudes towards those they deem a danger and scenes of jealousy for the person they love. These are often joined by rather important requests and it is not certain that they do not come to make real ultimatums. For them, love is a serious and important home and no one should put it at risk.

Gemini – Those who tend not to show it
Those born under the sign of Gemini are free spirits and this pushes them not to consider jealousy as something positive, especially if they are the ones to suffer it. Self-confident and lovers of personal freedom, they do not aspire to experience inner conflicts such as envy or, indeed, jealousy. And therefore they always go out of their way to avoid experiencing these emotions. When they are really in love, however, it can happen that even if they don’t want to, they find themselves experiencing jealousy towards their partner. When it happens they try in every way not to show it and let it pass. Most of the time he does quite well. Only occasionally can they end up freaking out but these are really rare cases. And even when they do, their first move will be to scale them down as much as possible, justifying everything with reasons that are not similar to jealousy. Which they don’t like to admit to trying.

Cancer – Those who show it as often as they try it
Cancerians are not at all good at hiding their emotions. And they are even less so with those that make them sick. When they feel jealous of someone, they try to make it disappear and the best way they know is to externalize it to understand what they feel and why it is right to intervene quickly. In love, because of this way of being, they are often quite insecure. There are countless outbursts of jealousy, and even when they may appear calm, they often tend to piss off something wrong as they would like. If this happens they stop talking and keep everything inside until they completely explode showing once again their insecurities and jealousy towards the person they love. After all,

Leo – Those who are a little jealous but keep it to themselves
Those born under the sign of Leo have a very personal relationship with jealousy. Being people who like to be the center of attention, when this does not happen they easily give in to this emotion. They do it, however, making an effort not to show it. Rather than appear fragile, they prefer to keep their inner torments to themselves, acting as best they can to reassure themselves. Manipulating the person they love is usually the choice they make more easily and that leads them to try to make others avoid situations that they would have difficulty digesting. All with a modus operandi that is difficult to understand but that they know how to implement perfectly. That said, they almost always manage not to be discovered and to appear confident.

Which is extremely important to them. Above all, because they particularly care about the possibility of being able to claim their freedom and the possibility of dating whoever they want and how they want. A benefit that they can keep only by appearing as liberal as possible first.

Virgo – Those sufficiently jealous but reluctant to show it
Virgo natives are not extremely fixated on jealousy. However, they have such a negative way of thinking that they come to try it, especially if they are instigated to do so. When this happens they become nervous and intractable and often instead of making scenes they prefer to withdraw into themselves. An attitude that can create various misunderstandings, leading to tensions that are difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, and although aware of the risks they run, the natives of the sign are not very inclined to show their feelings and this also applies to the insecurities and, of course, the jealousies they feel towards those they love. A big limitation that often risks penalizing them but which they absolutely cannot solve.

Libra – Those who do not like to show jealousy
Among the signs of the zodiac least likely to feel and show jealousy are those born under the sign of Libra. For them, every relationship should be free and go on naturally. Pretending a certain behavior or showing jealousy and envy is something they just don’t tolerate. For this reason, in addition to appearing detached, it is really difficult for them to show themselves close towards those they love. This is also reflected in love, where they limit the effusions to the maximum and keep any possible jealousy out of their mind.

Of course, sometimes they too end up being victims of it but when it happens they try hard to fight it without ever showing it. An attitude they are proud of and which they expect to be reserved for them by the people they love.

Scorpio – Those who show it when they are particularly jealous
The natives of Scorpio know each other well enough to know that when they feel jealous of someone it is because they probably have reason to do so. For this reason, even if they don’t like making jealousy scenes, they never try to repudiate this emotion. On the contrary, they often try their hand at analyzing it and trying to understand why they try it. If they realize that it is just normal insecurity due to the extent of the feeling, they try to overcome it on their own. When, however, they suspect that there is something more, they do not hesitate to deal with the conversation, talking about it with their partner. In extreme cases, they even end up getting angry and pouting for a while, waiting to figure out the next move of the person they love.

Sagittarius – Those who would not like to but show jealousy
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are very good at showing themselves open to love and in demanding trust from their partner. On the contrary, however, they are not offering the same things. Often and willingly they give in to jealousy, ending up negatively surprising the person they are with. This happens for scenes that could often be avoided or for ways of doing that can put a strain on the love and patience of others.

Although they realize they are exaggerating a bit, they cannot stop as they would like and all because when they feel involved they have to live their emotions to the full. Even at the cost of paying them very dearly and compromising relationships with the people they care about.

Capricorn – Those who are sometimes jealous but never show it
The natives of Capricorn do not like exaggerated effusions and, above all, they do not like to appear fragile. For them, experiencing a feeling like jealousy represents something that goes beyond the limits. For this reason, they always try not to try it. If this happens, they keep it to themselves and carefully avoid showing it. Even if they work hard in this sense, however, they always end up having a somewhat hostile attitude. So, in the absence of explanations, they end up complicating things, getting to argue with the partner without resolving the problem upstream. An attitude that, stubborn as they are, they just can’t correct and that leads them to exacerbate relationships and create tensions that could be avoided. Especially because if someone does this to them,

Aquarius – Those who are rarely jealous and who never show it
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not people prone to jealousy. For this reason, it is very difficult for them to show it. Even if they are in love, they prefer to have a relationship of mutual trust with their partner to live peacefully. It must be said that often, even when faced with the evidence of an underlying problem, they do not go crazy and in any case, avoid jealous attitudes. It is easier for them to choose to end a relationship than to face their partner and all because for them, living calm and without problems is what matters most. For this reason, within the zodiac, they are among the signs that least of all show themselves jealous. Consequently, they do not accept scenes or possessive and jealous attitudes on the part of the partner.

Pisces – Those who feel jealous but try to be moderate
The natives of Pisces are people who firmly believe in love and who, consequently, have very strong ideals related to this feeling. For them, being jealous is normal because it somehow indicates how they feel. However, they do not like to feel exaggerated jealousy and expect their partner to be of great help in this regard. Generally, therefore, they try to be as moderate as possible, fighting any jealousies alone or talking quietly with the person they love.

If cornered they may show something but what they will do first is reflect on the relationship. For them, in fact, a partner who does not deserve trust is someone who does not fit their ideals and therefore may turn out to be the wrong person for them.

Feeling jealous is very normal when you love. What matters is knowing how to manage it, never being dominated, and not trying to show yourself for what you are not about. A jealous partner, if correctly, indicates someone who cares about the other person and that makes relationships more alive and more solid. Striving not to show one’s jealousy, therefore, is not always correct because in some cases it can cause the partner to feel undesirable and to withdraw.

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