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According to the horoscope, each zodiac sign corresponds to a particular type of bag. Discover yours.

Every woman, regardless of the love for this accessory, has one or more bags with her. Useful for carrying the essentials, they often prove to be indispensable for study or work. The relationship that each of us has with bags depends on many factors and can vary from an unconditional love that leads to collecting them of every shape and color to an easy-to-use relationship, which therefore requires something convenient to carry money, documents. and tricks.
According to the horoscope, as well as for jeans, for each of us there is a perfect bag, able to always make us feel at ease, bringing beauty and comfort into our life and at the same time giving something more to our look. If you still don’t know which one is yours or if you are curious to find out if you are already wearing the model that best matches your zodiac sign, try to follow today’s horoscope. It might reveal big surprises to you.

The right bag for every zodiac sign

Ariete – The Dinamica
Shoulder bag is always on the move you need a bag that can help you without hindering you in your movements. Since aesthetics also have its importance and you care a lot about always appearing at the top, a shoulder bag is the best you can choose to combine with your busy days.

Taurus – The pouch
Your desire for practicality pushes you towards a bag that you don’t necessarily have to wear. The pouch in this case lends itself perfectly to your needs, easy to carry and, if desired, easy to use as a bag, should you feel the need. A way like any other to stand out without losing your femininity. Today, in fact, even baby carriers can be particularly chic.

Gemini – The quick-change bag
For you, the ideal is a bag that can change according to your daily inclinations. One of those bags that can also be worn as a backpack, therefore, is ideal, it is transformed during construction and with a few small tricks, allowing you to go from casual to sporty in a few moments.

Cancer – The mini handbag
The perfect bag for you is small and very pretty. More an accessory to show off than a real necessity. After all, you don’t usually stay out for too long and the things you need to carry aren’t that many. Better to have something small and cute, that does not hinder your movements and that always makes you feel your best, enhancing your innate femininity.

Leo – The clutch bag
The bag that suits you best is the one to wear on social occasions, when you choose to give the best of yourself and expect to be at the top. The clutch, in this case, especially if sparkling is what suits you best and which will help to light up your look making you stand out as only you can do.

Virgo – The comfortable shopping bag
Being comfortable is essential for you and since you tend to always carry some things with you, the shopping bag turns out to be the most suitable bag to cover your needs. Comfortable, resistant and suitable for any type of use, it is the guarantee you need for your travels and to store the things you always need.

Libra – The rigid
bag Your bag is large enough to allow you to carry what you need without ever losing elegance. For this reason it must have small dimensions and be made of rigid materials that prevent them from deforming after a short use. For you, after all, elegance always comes first and no matter how much a bag you need, you could never put aside the aesthetic side in favor of comfort. So, better play in advance.

Scorpio – The trunk
Whether in the form of a backpack or bag, what matters to you is that it is a large accessory, possibly with a trunk shape. When you move, in fact, you take a little of your world with you and for this reason you want to keep the contents of your bag for yourself, leaving on the surface only what you are really willing to show. In short, your ideal bag must be like you, mysterious.

Sagittarius – The backpack
As a great traveler and lover of the unknown, what suits you best is, without a doubt, a backpack. Sporty for when you immerse yourself in one of your businesses and elegant when you decide to give yourself more to the worldly life, the backpack allows you to carry with you even what can be useful in case of unexpected events. It does not hinder you in your movements and is always ready to accompany you on your adventures.

Capricorn – The bucket bag
You need a large, rigid and comfortable bag. Something that knows how to give you the stability you need, allowing you to carry everything you need with you. Always on the bike as you are, it can happen that you go out in the morning to return only in the evening and a bag like this is what best suits your organizational needs.

Aquarius – The weekend bag
It could be said that what you really need is a duffel bag but, alternatively, the classic weekend bag can be very useful. Eccentric and with the possibility of changing your plans at any moment you need a bag that you can fill with every useful and indispensable object in case of pleasant unforeseen events. After all, you could go out and stay out sleeping, or suddenly change plans. Better to have everything you can always use with you, right?

Pisces – The elegant backpack
For you, the right bag must be able to lend itself to different needs. Be nice, comfortable, not too obvious and allow you to carry everything you need with you. An elegant backpack is therefore ideal. Always ready to use, combinable with both a sporty look and a more elegant and full of space to store your things. It is also practical, which among the many daily commitments never hurts.

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