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Find out which are the zodiac signs that, in moments of despair, can offer more emotional support.

When you are going through a particularly difficult time, having people around who can listen, empathize and give a word of comfort can make a real difference. These are people with particular sensitivity, able to understand how others feel and to help them both with words and with simple gestures, in overcoming pain. Whether it is a bereavement, an illness, or the end of a love story, the pain should always be shared and, given the choice, it is preferable to do it with those who can be there in the round, thus helping to feel at least a little ‘more relieved.
But how to find such people? Often it is not difficult to recognize them and while you are reading, probably the face of someone who reflects this role in your life has already occurred to you.
If not, it is useful to know that the stars influence the various zodiac signs also from this point of view. If you want to know who among friends and acquaintances could make you feel better, all you need to do is continue reading because after having seen which are the most fragile zodiac signs and which ones are most in need of others, today we will find out which ones can console better. Since this is an aspect that has to do with feelings, it is advisable to also check the profile of the ascendant of the people who want to know each other better from this point of view.

Horoscope: how much they know how to console the various signs of the zodiac

Aries – Not much
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who are too focused on themselves to be able to give the right attention to those who are going through a bad time. Their strong point is to help find something that can distract, giving some moments of escape. When it comes to consoling, however, they are not among the most suitable. Too rushed and turned to the most external aspects of existence, they struggle to understand the pain of others, ending up minimizing it or considering it as something that sooner or later will pass and for which it is, therefore, worth waiting.

Taurus – A little
The natives of Taurus care a lot about their loved ones and for this reason, they try to always be there when they find themselves going through a difficult period of their existence. But the kind of presence they can offer is mostly physical. Of course, they will always offer to listen and even give advice or words of comfort. What they do best, however, is being there as a silent presence and able to attend to practical matters. Words, however well spent, will never be completely consoling but they can still do something by giving a minimal contribution, especially in the absence of other support figures.

Gemini – It depends on the situation
Gemini is difficult for people to frame and this aspect is also reflected in their ability to comfort others. This depends on the reason that brings sadness and the situation they find themselves living in at that moment. If they feel in a good mood, they can offer physical presence and even words or gestures that can give comfort. In bad times, however, they may not be able to not bring out how they feel, ending up worsening the situation and making the atmosphere heavy. Before asking for their support it is therefore important to understand their state of mind so as not to run the risk of feeling worse.

Cancer – Almost Nothing
Those born under the sign of Cancer are too emotional to be able to give the right comfort to those who are sick. Usually, when faced with the pain of others, they react in two different ways. The first is that of closure and denial of what is happening, the second sees them instead as too emotional and therefore unable to give comfort. In some cases, the risk is that of having to console them rather than the other way around. That said, if you ask them for help, they will surely know how to listen in silence for a while or express their closeness with heart-warming hugs or gestures.

Leo – Little Leo
natives are more likely to lend a hand when the hard time has passed and you are trying to fully recover. During the abyss of pain, they are unable to put themselves in the shoes of those who are suffering, and, beyond the reasons, they always tend to want to give a breath of joy that can be out of tune making them appear insensitive. For this reason, it is preferable not to lean on them when seeking comfort but to do so only when you want to start over and get back on track. Their euphoria towards life in certain cases can be too much, leading to worse those who need tranquility and introspection.

Virgo – Definitely not
much Those born under the sign of Virgo are too practical people to be able to take on the pain of others. When they find themselves in front of a person who suffers, they never know how to move and end up appearing awkward. The risk is that they will push in the wrong way and end up making those who just need a word of comfort feel worse. On the other hand, they know how to give practical tips and help for everything that is not related to the emotional sphere such as running certain errands or giving useful tips for organizing everyday life. Better not ask them for words of help, however, because the result will never be positive.

Libra – Enough Libra
natives are people who find themselves in perfect balance between the practical and the emotional side. This means that in case of need you can rely on them and ask for both types of support. Perhaps they will not excel in either of the two, but they will still be able to make a sufficient contribution aimed at making those who suffer feel better. In some cases, their ability to console will also depend on why you are sick and the type of relationship you are in. In any case, these are people who, in case of need, can always offer something, albeit with their limits.

Scorpio – Definitely a lot
Those born under the sign of Scorpio, however, reserved and temperamentally difficult to frame, when it comes to emotional needs, always know how to help. Their way of perceiving existence allows them to be understanding and mentally elastic, so much so that they understand almost every form of pain and know how to give words of comfort that are useful for those who suffer. In the same way, they never skimp on practical attention, thus making themselves indispensable for those who ask for their help.

Sagittarius – Almost nothing
The natives of Sagittarius are people who think above all about the pleasant side of life and who, consequently, are not particularly familiar with pain and, above all, with the right ways to relieve that of those around them. Although they are not used to backing down if called in a time of need, the risk is to minimize everything or bring up situations that concern them and which in any case will not do any good to those who are suffering. It is better to ask for their closeness when you want to be distracted or have a nice time together. For times when you need comforting gestures or words, other signs can do more.

Capricorn – Average
Those born under the sign of Capricorn are always ready to console others. Often, however, they mistake times and ways, saying things that could be good for them but that do not suit the circumstances of the moment. For this reason, despite being close to those who suffer, many times they are unable to give them the comfort they would like, coming just to give a minimum of relief. All in all, however, the commitment they put into use, especially when compared to the poor attitude of some of the other signs, places them in a good average, making them sufficiently suitable at least to offer their presence.

Aquarius – Not at all
Aquarius natives are probably among the least suited to comforting others. Unaccustomed to social relationships they are not endowed with great empathy and this leads them to have great difficulties in understanding the suffering of others and even more in being able to bring relief. For this reason, it would always be better not to ask for their help as doing so would create difficulties for both sides. At the same time, it is good to always keep in mind that their way of seeing things can appear so different that they seem numb even when they try to do their best.

Pisces – A lot
Pisces is the most empathic of the zodiac and thanks to their sensitivity they are also the people most suited to give comfort when someone is suffering. Whether they do it with gestures, with words, or simply by offering their presence, they always know how to move in the most suitable way to give relief to those who are sick. For this reason, friends of this zodiac sign are to be preferred when you need a friend at your side or when, more simply, you feel the need for a presence that can offer support and give relief to the spirit.

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