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The zodiac signs that hate each other 2k22

Aries and Aquarius can’t stand each other? And what are the zodiac signs that hate each other?

Aries and Aquarius hate each other

It is no exaggeration to say that 2 Aries and Aquarius people hate each other, because they get there for the simplest reason in the world: they are too similar . Both scrupulous, lovers of precision at the limit of meticulousness and attentive to any smallest detail. If everything is not perfect, and they always find a defect, criticism rains down because they don’t accept that someone can do better than them.

It takes little to see , especially in the workplace, how much relationships can deteriorate if these 2 signs have to manage a project or any group task together.

It could also happen in love, where the constant reproach or reminders on the way to act risk a state of really exhausting attrition . There is no solution to this, so they inevitably end up loathing each other without too many compliments.

The enemy signs of Taurus

If it is true that antipathy is a matter of skin just like sympathy, it arises between Taurus and Scorpio . It is a kind of love at first sight on the contrary, due to their extremely different character and above all in relation to the way they have of living life.

The Taurus usually has a peaceful , spontaneous, outspoken and extremely honest personality in all its manifestations.
The Scorpio , however, is always suspicious , he does not speak directly, send messages and even physical signals, impacting hopelessly this sign.
It is rare for a Taurus to lose patience but in this case you could see real outbursts between the 2, which is better to stay away.

Who Gemini Hates

The Twins are generally peaceful, have no enemies unless it is the envy of those signs that have a much more closed nature and are less talkative.

This is the case of those who belong to Taurus, very calm and thoughtful, in the same way as Scorpios.
The Taurus does not tolerate the speed and disordered organization of a Gemini and does not understand how it can have its own order in apparent confusion.
For the Scorpio, on the other hand , his being prolix in speaking appears annoying, in the sense that according to his way of being he lacks confidentiality.

Added to this is the fact that it does not arouse any curiosity, devaluing its peculiarities. These signs, therefore, hate each other, but in an indirect and cunning way.

Cancer and the enemy zodiac signs

Cancer despite its peaceful nature could clash in a very hard with signs that do not have the proverbial gentleness. These are the Leo with whom there could be very heavy verbal clashes and the Capricorn, who with his rationality does not in any way win the trust of a sign that is also easy to change his opinion.

There is therefore a fundamental impossibility in giving birth to a minimum of esteem that can calm the minds.
Cancer, however, comes out victorious, thanks to its ability to defend itself with deeds and words.

So many enemies, so much honor: the Lion

It is not easy in general to get along with a Leo if you do not establish a subordinate relationship, which can make him feel like a leader.
It is the case of people of the same sign, who will never give in to the role of gregarious and also Aquarius, but for opposite reasons.

This sign, in fact, does not like to be at the center of attention, it is not self-centered and, on the contrary, seeks confidentiality and sober and composed attitudes.
In Leo he sees only a presumptuous and an egoist from whom to stay light-years away and the antipathy is mutual.

Who hates the Virgo

The twins feel a sense fooled by the Virgo , although they have in common is the planet of communication par excellence, that is Mercury.

Furthermore, they are opposed in the use of methodicality, completely alien to a double sign that does not hold up all this linearity in every field of life.
Something similar also happens with Pisces due to their character that is always a little dreamy and does not meet the rationality of Virgo.

Hatred of Libra

There is no good blood between Libra and the signs that have an impetuous and intrusive nature as a Leo or a Gemini could be , even if in a different way.

The problem with Libra is that they are horrified by any form of violence or gestures that are too eloquent, bordering on coarseness .
It is easy, however, that due to his extreme sensitivity, even exuberant behavior can be misunderstood.

A Gemini, in fact, with his dialectic, the fact of not holding too much to etiquette and living in a free way, does not reconcile with a more reserved personality.

Scorpio and Leo hate each other

As already mentioned, Scorpio with his pride will never give in to the ambitions of Leo as a charismatic subject.
It will not give him the satisfaction of satisfying his requests for attention and, on the contrary, will do everything to ignore him and, in the worst case, humiliate him.

They are too similar to find a meeting point so they are among the signs that hate each other in a reckless way.

The enemy hated by Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is a happy sign that likes to socialize and enjoy the pleasures of life.

The sign with which he will never find a correspondence is certainly that of Cancer , lover of the house, couch potato, reluctant to travel and little inclined to company. If they were a couple there would be endless arguments about going out, about friends to invite home and about boredom that would extinguish any enthusiasm of Sagittarius.

Hatred of Capricorn

The Capricorn is capable of hate in a rational way so as to be one of the enemies most feared of the zodiac .

His habit of judging others clashes terribly with most people, with whom he rarely establishes very confidential friendships.

Cancer is the one who will never be able to bear such an attitude, as it requires affection and lightness: what Capricorn cannot give him and which, on the contrary, judges only futile dull pretensions.

Aquarius and hatred of confusion

To understand who hates Aquarius with a reciprocated feeling, just keep in mind how much you can’t stand confusion and lack of harmony.

Aquarius doesn’t like rushes, blatant surprises, and strong emotions. Quite the opposite of a Gemini, a Leo or an Aries.

Better never to be in the same room.

Who hates Pisces

The Fish was difficult to hate someone because they are for peace at all levels.

The only thing they do not tolerate is that they are prevented from feeding their dreamy and irrational side.

This is the case of the Virgin for whom practicality, order and schematics are daily bread.

Constraints are poorly tolerated by Pisces who care about their physical and mental freedom.

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