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Each sign corresponds to a particular type of chocolate. Find out which is yours.

Has Easter passed leaving you with an indescribable craving for chocolate? Surely this does not go well with the upcoming costume test, but perhaps there is a way to get rid of the desire by allowing yourself a small portion. Which? Finding the most suitable flavor, the one able to put you at peace with the world from the very first bite. Okay, maybe the craving won’t go away entirely but you may discover new flavors that you’ve never considered before. Today we will discover together which chocolate is best suited to our temperament.

The perfect chocolate, sign by sign

Aries – Chilli Chocolate
For an energetic person like you, chilli chocolate is undoubtedly the most suitable. Its strong and spicy flavor, in fact, matches your temperament always looking for new adventures and experiences from which to draw. When paired with chili, any chocolate will be perfect for you. Among the many, however, the best remains the dark, as long as it is able to maintain a minimum of sweetness. The game of contrasts, in fact, is one of the key elements of this union.

Taurus – Hazelnut Chocolate
Actually, your sign goes well with all kinds of chocolate. You could go from white to dark without ever getting tired and everything from stuffed or enriched with dried fruit. In the long run, however, your need for a comfort zone leads you to chocolate with hazelnuts. A classic that never tires and that you can vary as often as you want by choosing between milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Gemini – Fruit chocolate with puffed rice
You need a strange taste that is hard to get used to. Fruit chocolate (better if exotic) with the addition of puffed rice is therefore the best solution to avoid getting tired after a couple of bites. Furthermore, this combination is never heavy and its only flaw is that it is perhaps too sweet. A problem that can be solved by combining it with a cup of bitter coffee. It goes without saying that choosing between multiple chocolates remains the best option in the long run.

Cancer – The Milk Chocolate
Your need for sweetness extends to food as well. For you, therefore, the most suitable chocolate is certainly milk. As for the forms, a lot depends on the moments. If in everyday life the simple tablet is perfectly combined, when you feel the need for reassurance the most suitable is undoubtedly the filled chocolate, able to bring you not only sweetness but also that feeling of pampering that you often feel the need.

Leone – Dark chocolate
Your love for danger and the desire to always be the first in everything brings you very close to the origins of chocolate that for you is best presented in its extra dark version, the one that few can taste in what is considered too bitter. For you, however, this will not be a problem because you always accept every challenge, both in everyday life and in the culinary field. Every now and then, however, even a slightly sweeter chocolate can make the difference, giving you that sense of new and unexpected that you don’t mind at all.

Virgo – Coffee chocolate
For you, chocolate is a treat to be indulged in during breaks. Your rational being therefore pushes you towards chocolates that are also able to wake you up, giving you that boost of energy which, every now and then, you feel the need. The best match for you? Coffee chocolate, which can be replaced in summer with mint chocolate, is able to pleasantly surprise you with its freshness.

Libra – Milk chocolate with almonds
For you, even chocolate must be chic and for this reason what suits you best is one with a beautiful presentation and a sweet yet sophisticated flavor. In this case, a good milk chocolate with almonds lends itself perfectly to the purpose, giving you the opportunity to savor something different from the usual and able to satisfy your need to combine the good with the beautiful. For the same reason, chocolates filled with almond paste are also excellent. Maybe a little sweet and too caloric for your taste but certainly perfect for your palate.

Scorpio – Filled Chocolate
You and chocolate have an uncommon affinity. For you, dark chocolate is certainly the best to eat, especially if you add a soft filling to be discovered. The tastiest combinations? Chilli chocolate, matcha tea or with pistachio or peanut cream filling. Gluttony that few would indulge in but that you know how and when to appreciate yourself, putting away the feelings of guilt and diving completely into the pleasure that similar flavors can give you.

Sagittarius – Swiss chocolate
What matters to you is not quantity but quality. An idea that also extends to the world of chocolate where your preferences rest on the Swiss and full-flavored one. As a travel lover you are instinctively inclined to everything that comes from outside or that contains exotic traits. Thus, according to the stars, Swiss chocolate can represent just the greedy alternative you were looking for.

Capricorn – Chocolate in cream
Well yes, for you chocolate is something precious that should not be bitten but tasted by the spoonfuls. For this reason, your true passion are chocolate-based creams or, alternatively, soft sticks like cremini. The soft consistency and the expanding flavor are an extreme source of pleasure for you that pushes you to indulge in this sweet vice when you are alone. After all, tasting chocolate is a pleasure that doesn’t necessarily have to be shared, right?

Aquarius – White Chocolate
Your always being a little over the top makes you the ideal candidate for white chocolate. Her sweetness manages to capture you, giving you real moments of relaxation. Even better if the chocolate is associated with a soft fruit filling and all to be savored.

Pisces – Chocolate with dried fruit
Your love for chocolate knows no bounds. For the stars you don’t have a real taste of reference as a little bit all of them match your way of being. Having to make a choice, perhaps the best match is between chocolate and dried fruit. A game of contrasts that can be found both under the teeth and on the palate and such as to satisfy you even on the most difficult days.

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