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Are you one of the zodiac signs always worried? Let’s find out immediately with today’s ranking: here’s who is in the top positions!

As soon as you try to ask him out, he immediately starts making a plan, getting stressed out about parking or looking for the best route in case of traffic.
When you start cooking, he makes sure to open all the windows to avoid gas leaks or to make the whole house dirty.

In short, you understand who we are talking about: that person who, without missing a beat, exclusively and continuously worries about everything!
Aren’t you one of them? Let’s find out now thanks to today’s horoscope ranking!

The zodiac signs always worried: find out immediately if you are one of them

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Think about it, though: How much time of your life do you spend worrying about everything that happens?
There are people who never really stop and always try to have a plan B ready just in case.

It’s not like your partner, your family, or even yourself you are in the ranking of today, are you?

We have decided to ask the stars and planets to explain to us which, according to them, are the zodiac signs that are always worried about.
The situation in which they find themselves does not matter!

Here are the top five positions: let’s quickly find out who is always worried (and maybe we keep away from his influence!).

Cancer: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Cancer are people who are always and constantly worried: for them, for others, for the environment, for the animals, for that driver they saw skidding once on the highway … and so on.

Cancer is a sign that thinks constantly about everything that could go wrong, and that has a heart always ready to bleed.
You can’t stop a Cancer from worrying: is he doing it even while reading this ranking, trying to figure out if it’s not that … he worries too much in life?

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Aquarius: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Aquarius cannot help but be always worried. From what? They don’t even know it, often and willingly!
The Aquarius is a very organized person who has a definite plan for their life.

For this reason, however, Aquarians often get involved ( too much ) in the lives of others.
Here, therefore, that Aquarians find themselves having to think of solutions or devise new ways for other people too: worrying is practically a fundamental requirement!

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Pisces: third place

Don’t be fooled by the relaxed expression and extremely cool ways of those born under the sign of Pisces.
There’s a reason they rank third on our ever-worried zodiac signs chart!
The Pisces do not stop even for a moment to ask whether they are achieving their goals, or if they have found their place in the world.

People are very capable of hiding your feelings (and concerns) burying much (much) lower.
Too bad, though, that at some point all these feelings (and concerns, yet) hidden explode making the fish practically slaves of their fears over big.
Dear Pisces, perhaps it is time to voice your concerns just a few minutes before they seem so big that they are irrecoverable.
How about?

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Libra: second place

Those born under the sign of Libra cannot do anything about it: they are often very afraid! No, you understand, not afraid of the monsters hidden inside the wardrobe or under the bed!
The Libra is a sign that is always looking for a balance that does not find and that, for this reason, really spend a lot of time worrying.

Could it be because Libras spend a lot of time wondering if they are on the same level as others or because Libras can’t handle something not going according to their plans?
Only they can give us the answer (hey, dear Libra: what is the real reason?).

Unfortunately, however, their total and constant search for a balance lead them to always have to be worried and never satisfied.
Dear Libra, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to relax a little?

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Taurus: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs always worried

Um, do you by any chance have any worries left over to you? Those born under the sign of Taurus will not hesitate to take them for you: what are you waiting for?
The Toro are people who have always (and we emphasize always ) a concern that agitates them in her heart.

They may laugh or joke while talking to you but, deep down, they are thinking about something.
Maybe they left the gas access or tap open, maybe they forgot to feed the cat or goldfish.
(Hey, Taurus: do you have a cat or a goldfish?).

Finally, then, Taurus has a lot of problems with social situations, the commitments they have made, the words they have said, and the inflection they have used.
In short, it is practically impossible to separate a Taurus from his (multiple) worries: if they are not worried, they are not happy!

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